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Total Transformation Ecosystem

TSquared Lab is a bespoke sustainable body transformation ecosystem. Founded on our unique philosophy - True transformation is holistic, we weave in all the key enabling factors of transformation into a singular experience.

Our unique approach consists of four pillars: personal training guided by the leading fitness coaches with years of experience; nutritious meal prep calibrated to your daily intake of macronutrients; physiotherapy to help provide a unique holistic and revolutionary approach to your body, and Pilates to restore your core, realign your posture, rebuild your strength and retrain your flexibility.

TSquared Personal Training

Experience training with the world's leading personal trainers, using science-backed methods to sculpt a stronger, healthier you-one workout at a time.

1 on 1 Personal Training

Lifelong body transformations and body fat loss results from world's leading personal trainers.

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Achieve incredible results, like this with the world's leading personal trainers at TSquared Lab.

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Why Us

A luxury personifying total transformation ecosystem.

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TSquared Pilates

Discover the art of strength and flexibility at our award-winning Pilates studio, where grace unfolds with every movement.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates focuses on your specific needs or injuries.

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Private, Duet & Small Group Pilates

Suitable for all body shapes, sizes and ages to work on your core, strength and flexibility.

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Pre & Post-Natal

Both pilates work on your pelvic floor, core, and whole body, in the preparation for, or restoration after, childbirth.

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TSquared Physio

Experience the healing touch of our highly skilled therapists blending expertise with compassion to elevate your well-being.


Recover from injuries and give your muscles their power.

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Massage Therapy

Our highly experienced therapists, with their revolutionary treatments, can help to alleviate tightness and pain, and leave you feeling refreshed, lighter and free to be.

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Rehab Therapy

Our Rehab Therapy allows you to recover while simultaneously improving your physical performance.

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TSquared Eats

Indulge in the delicious flavours of Singapore's tastiest and healthiest meal prep, as every dish is a celebration of freshness and culinary excellence.

Healthy Meals

Artisanal meals crafted based on the philosophy of macronutrients.

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Full Menu

Check our full range before you take the plunge

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Nutrition Related Blogs

Immerse yourself, learn facts and get advice on nutrition.

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Our Core Values


We Care about our Customers and
our People

From prioritising the well-being, growth, and satisfaction of our customers and our people to ensuring that they feel valued and supported throughout their journey.


We foster a Culture of Respect, Teamwork, Learning, and Transparency

From celebrating everyone's unique perspectives to supporting their goals, we promote a culture of continuous learning and growth.


We embrace our Commitment to

From continually seeking ways to improve, we prioritise quality internal and external training to stay current and deliver exceptional results.

From prioritising the well-being, growth, and satisfaction of our customers and our people to ensuring that they feel valued and supported throughout their journey.

From celebrating everyone's unique perspectives and believing in supporting goals, we promote a culture of continuous learning and growth.

From continually seeking ways to improve, we prioritise quality internal and external training to stay current and deliver exceptional results.

Transformation Results

Get Inspired by the journey of our clients! Every journey is a story of strength, resilience, and growth.
If they can do it, so can you!

Zermatt | 5kg Muscle gain

My trainer aimed at sculpting specific muscle part by breaking them into three different focus areas and worked towards it.

Ryan | 24 sessions, A Life Transformed

After recovering from leukemia, the training at TSquared Lab improved my life. I love sports and getting back to them really made me very happy.

Sam | 22 weeks, A Life Transformed

Sometimes I saw myself in the mirror and felt surprised. I had changed and improved a lot because of the training program.

Miyako | Lost 8% Bodyfat

Since I have started the training program, I have lost 7kg of body weight and 8% bodyfat. Thanks to my coach Nurwana for her guidance and continuous push.

Lily | Lost 6% Bodyfat

I use to have flabby arms but since I am training with Khairul, I can see my biceps, good shoulders and triceps and that I feel is the best takeaway so far.

Sascha | Lost 8% Bodyfat

I lost a lot of weight, 5 additional kgs, and 8% body fat even though I was having my daily stash of chocolates and icecreams.

Joseph | Lost 10% Bodyfat

I have lost about 7 kg body weight and my body fat has reduced to 10%. My family and I were amazed with my physical transformation.

Jaya | Lost 16kg Bodyweight

I never weighed myself before starting this program, I have lost about 16 kg of weight and 12% body fat after joined this program.

Yen | Lost 14kg Bodyweight

Over 4 months, I have lost about 14 kgs of weight and about 20% fat loss. I weighed 72 kgs when I started this program and I am 58 now.

Sherria | Scaling New Heights

I joined TSquared Lab to gain more strength and be able to get better at climbing, and my coach, Afshan, has helped me achieve my goal.

Susu | A Journey Of Strength & Confidence

Workout is a lifestyle; it's not a short term process. Be patient with yourself and trust the process. I wanted an expert to guide me on my fitness lifestyle to see the progress I make through strength training, both physically and mentally.

Yen | Lost 17kg of bodyweight

I have lost weight from 75.6 kg to 58.6 kg in 10 months made me look good in terms of my physical attribute & feel more confident than ever.

SHAIKH | Lost 9% of bodyfat

With TSquared Lab I dropped 9% body fat, gained a few pounds of muscle and developed abs which I dreamt of for long.

Dollie | Lost 15kg of bodyweight

I joined TSquared Lab with the target of reducing 6 kgs for an upcoming vacation, and I ended up losing 17 kgs in 15 weeks.

Leong | Lost 6% of bodyfat

I couldn’t run for 23 years because of a knee injury, and within 6 months at TSquared Lab, I started running and lost 6% body fat.

Cheryl | Lost 7% of bodyfat

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with hypertension. That was my wake-up call to start paying more attention towards health.

Francko | Lost 8% of bodyfat

From ‘no time to work out” to the proudest moment of being able to hit my best rep on 140 kgs deadlift’ was quite an achievement

Emily | Lost 6% of bodyfat

My leaner and stronger body is hard to go unnoticed by my friends. They feel my energy changes after my training sessions.

Raj | Lost 30kg of bodyweight

With the goal of transforming and changing lifestyle; I have lost 30 kg of body weight and 20% of body fat in a span of one year.

Grace | Lost 11% of bodyfat

I was lost in directions when I first started fitness training. Professional trainers at TSquared Lab served as my fitness mentors.

Rajesh | Lost 10.8kg of bodyweight

In last four months I lost 16 kgs and dropped the body fat by 12%, I was getting ready for my passion for mountaineering.

Dollie | Lost 17kg of bodyweight

I joined TSquared Lab with the target of reducing 6 kgs for an upcoming vacation, and I ended up losing 17 kgs in 15 weeks.

Karishma | Lost 10kg of bodyweight

I was feeling very lethargic and less confident because of my weight. With Afshan’s help I reduced 10kgs of weight in 6 months.

Rajit | Lost 4% of bodyfat

I came with a bad spine injury which made my day-to-day activities difficult, until I started training with Henry at TSquared Lab

Melissa | Lost 5% of bodyfat

In my time with TSquared Lab, I have gained more muscle definition in both biceps, triceps and developed defined obliques.

Umar | Lost 6% of bodyfat

Nothing worked for me ever since there was a plateau in my training and I had to find professional help to get better and fitter.

Olja | Lost 8% of bodyfat

My body fat went down by about 8 %. I look different, more confident and my energy level has improved which makes he feel alive.

Yun Song | Lost 13kg of bodyweight

I have lost about 13 kgs weight and 11% body fat with the help of proper guidance on nutrition and training from my coach Henry.

Unlock Your True Potential with TSquared Lab Personal Training

Achieve and maintain the transformation you’ve always wanted with the TSquared Lab’s Personal Training team behind you. Here's why partnering with us is the best choice for your personal training journey.

Personalised Guidance

Get tailored training programs under the expert guidance of our world's leading personal trainers.

Luxurious High-End Facilities

Welcome to your new sanctuary, become your best at Singapore’s leading fitness coaching facility.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Utilise world-class strength training machines, each meticulously chosen for optimal results.

Inclusive Culture

Embrace diversity & thrive in an inclusive environment where unique perspectives are valued, rooted in mutual respect.

Trackable Progress

Stay motivated with our accountability system, featuring a supportive community and regular progress check-ins.

Data-Driven Approach

Your trainer uses real-time data to refine your program, fast-track your progress, and amplify your results.

Measurable Results

Witness tangible progress and immediate results. We're here for every step, helping you conquer challenges and savor successes.

Lifelong Learning

Acquire valuable tools, techniques, and skills from top experts worldwide to maintain your results indefinitely.

Welcome to Your Beautiful Sanctuary

A world-class experience unlike any other awaits.
Lavish facilities designed for your well-being and comfort, open the doors and step into a new you!

TSquared Lab HarbourFront

991F Alexandra Road, Singapore 119974

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TSquared Lab Raffles Place

30 Raffles Pl, #22-01, Singapore 048622

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Motivation in Motion

Achieve and maintain the transformation you’ve always wanted with the TSquared Lab team behind you.

TSquared Lab HarbourFront

     148 Google reviews
Personal trainer in Singapore

To me, T2 Lab (Raffles Place) is the greatest gym I've ever been to. It's amazing ! My coach, Clayton, looks after my nutrition and strength training. He educates me in a completely different manner than other well-known gyms ! It's amazing how much weight I shed in just seven months—20 kilos! And I am now heading towards another goal ! I've changed my entire wardrobe as a result of my outcome, and I can now wear all of my old items from the previous five years with confidence. Despite my very hectic schedule, I can clearly say that joining T2 has improved my physical and emotional well-being. I enjoy working out with my coach, and the atmosphere is really friendly and convenient for someone who dislikes crowded areas like me. He not only instructs me, but demonstrates to me what is achievable for me to do in every workout. That contributes to our remarkable achievement in less than a year, which is truly astounding. Thanks to my coach, Clayton and T2, my dream has truly come true ! If you want the best coach and gym for your life changing personal goal by workouts, I will always suggest T2 Lab and Coach Clayton ! I also support T2 lab healthy meals because they are delicious, satisfying, and the perfect portion size for someone like me who is too lazy to prepare meals in a hurry. They also help me attain my goals more quickly because they taste great ! In summary, my experience in T2 is incredible and unforgettable !

As a total newbie in the gym, my trainer Adrian Tan has been absolutely amazing ! He has been nothing but patient during trainings. Adrian has taught me the fundamentals of using the gym equipment and the importance of exercising with the right form. It's been a few months and I can definitely feel that I’m stronger with the progressive trainings. I've started to look forward to my training sessions and beating my personal bests, thanks to Adrian !

Darren has been very diligently training me for my strength and working on my weight mgt. Since last October, I have lost nearly 9kg and 4.5% of body fats. Great achievement so far and looking forward to lose more weights and be in healthy range. Darren is a good coach and well verse in nutrition values. Thanks 🙏🏻 very much for his coaching and good advice.

Started my PT with Ace from TSquared Lab at Cecil street branch 2 months ago. It was a good gym workout though I didn’t achieve my targets but I definitely feel stronger. Ace is very patient and knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to start personal training at the gym.

I had the pleasure of training with Adrian, who is an incredible personal fitness trainer who has truly transformed my fitness journey. Throughout my fitness journey, Adrian has been a constant source of inspiration and support, celebrating my victories, both big and small, and provided constructive feedback to help me continuously improve. His expertise, motivation, and personalized approach have made all the difference. With his guidance, motivation, and dedication, I have witnessed transformations in my physique, strength, and overall fitness level. He also provided practical tips that has helped me make positive lifestyle changes that complemented my training, resulting in overall improvements in my health and happiness !

Adrian Tan is a fantastic coach who has helped me reach my goals while remaining injury free. 50 is the new 40 and only made possible with a professional who knows what he's doing, is focused on results and yet empathetic to the lifestyle of a busy executive who enjoys his food. Thank you Adrian for making workouts interesting and effective. Above all, thanks for helping me feel great about myself and looking sharper with age!

CX is a fantastic trainer. He gave me the proper guidance, training and motivation to improve my health. I always leave every gym session feeling physically and mentally stronger. Not only have I lost weight but am also more aware of my body and eat a better balanced diet. From never have weight trained before to looking forward to my sessions now, I feel great !

Have been training with Adrian for more than a year now and I’ve lost about 14 kilos because of him. He has personalised my workouts based on what suits me and my body since I also have a knee injury. He doesn’t only care about the workout, he also cares about what food I eat and will always make the effort to message me and check how I’m feeling. Adrian treats his clients really well and always makes sure to give them a 100% of his time and effort. He is such a positive and inspirational figure ! Thank you Adrian for all that you have done for me !

I started my first working out training in another gym since Nov 2022 and I did not see much progress; My body weight and body fats kept going up - from Nov’22 at 52 kg to one point at 57kg ! Devastated, I decided switching to TSquared Lab based on all the positive reviews and success stories found in IG/FB/website. I started my first PT with Adrian on 21st June 2023. In a short span of ONE month, I lost 2kg weight and amazing 5.2% body fats ! ! ! I also gained muscle mass by 1.7kg. Adrian is highly motivating and supportive. He checks on me regularly to ensure I’m consistent with cardio exercises (I committed to 5 times 30-min per week & consecutive 4 weeks I was achieving it !) and food diet. He pushes me hard and delighted seeing new targets being achieved at each training ! I’m so happy with my results and I give credits to Adrian ! ! He’s an incredible personal fitness trainer and so glad he is part of my fitness transformation journey ! Adeline (23/7/2023)

Though my workouts started only 3 weeks ago (twice a week), I have experienced much positive effects in my life. I feel better, stronger and more alert. In earnest, Adrian (my PT) has been a great help. He is a nice guy and has been friendly and patient in explaining to me and guiding me during the workouts and on nutrition (e.g., meals), the importance of sleep in muscle repair and building, as well as about maintaining cardio during the rest of the week. I’m very happy to have chosen TSquared Lab and to have Adrian as my trainer. As he said, “it is a marathon, not a sprint”. I look forward to a continual transformational journey and happy experience with Adrian at TSquared Lab !"

Adrian is a great coach. He understands your goals and plans your training tailored to get you there ! Training with him is fun and at the same time intense. Would definitely recommend him to anyone with serious transformation goals.

I have been training with Adrian Tan 3x a week for 4 years, including a lot of virtual classes over the lockdowns. I enjoy his style which is highly individual, tailored to me and has been progressive physically, but never pushing to point that hurts ! We cover a good range of varied all muscle groups supersets each session, he encourages me to pursue other cardio outside and I feel as good as ever right now. I've incorporated his sessions as an integral and essential part of my weekly routine. The T2 Lab Cecil gym is very central, well equipped with decent bathrooms. Highly recommended.

Well equipped gym, neat facilities, and most importantly training with the best Personal Trainer in town ! My journey with Adrian has always been more than amazing; he gives u more than what you’ve asked for, and the results are always beyond my own expectations.

I was taking personal training at TSquared lab with Sher. She is a very experienced trainer, with a wealth of knowledge on strength training, plus being super helpful and friendly. Whenever so reach out to her regarding questions or new training requests, she never hesitated to offer me the most effective solutions. Training with her was really enjoyable and I strongly believed that I made the most correct decision to work with Sher.

Clean, well-equipped and friendly personal training gym. Have enjoyed and seen gains from my PT sessions with Trainer CX. Particularly like the focuses on technique and exercise modifications that suit my needs and progressions. Thank you CX and TSquared Lab team !

Top notch facilities and quality of coaches. CX (my current trainer) has been very instrumental in my progress - keeping me accountable and motivated in my personal fitness journey by being invested in my nutrition as well with daily check-ins ! On top of that, he emphasises a lot in exercise techniques for safety and effectiveness. Highly recommend this gym which lies in the heart of CBD.

I started training here to address some pains and weaknesses that were showing up in my body. I didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I do, and now I look forward to every session. CX has been an excellent trainer, attentive to form and efficiency of technique, as well as adapting to my needs. He’s also helped me become more aware of my posture, daily movements, and habits that may have been causing strain or injury. Overall, my experience here has been worthwhile.

Been training with Adrian. He’s great ! A patient and attentive trainer. Have made good progress under him. The gym is nice, in a convenient location and never too crowded :)

CX is a dedicated trainer, but if you are paying 160 plus an hour, what we should be getting is not just dedication but a much more experience and well rounded trainer. Was sold on a lot of things when I signed the package. But at the end of 3 months, the results remains the same. I only have one query. If I have been slacking for past 3 years while my weight remains the same, why after training for 3 months with a more conscious effort on my diet. My weight still stayes the same. They can't seem to find an answer.I have to say though my body composition is better, but my one and only goal is to lose weight.

I’ve always led an active lifestyle and ate healthily but was still finding it difficult to lose the baby weight post-pregnancy. TSquared Cecil was able to customize a programme incorporating progressive overload which I found difficult to do myself and also enlightened me on the amount of protein I needed to eat for body recomp goals. Lost 3kg in 3 months which may not seem much but which I knew was sustainable as I was not just trying to lose weight but build muscle. Many thanks to my trainer Khairul who was also there to guide me every step of the way !

My fiancé and I started our training with Adrian to prepare for our wedding photoshoot and we have made great progress since then, thanks to his extensive knowledge, patience and personalised approach. He is able to create a safe and motivating environment even for a first timer like myself. Highly recommended ! ! !

I joined the T2 program for 36 sessions, where I was introduced to the delights of weight training for the first time in my life. I think it was a wonderful experience, and brought me into a whole new way of thinking of fitness, food, and wellbeing. In the process, I lost over 20 pounds of weight and 9% body fat, regained a great deal of lost muscle and am possibly the fittest I have been in over 20 years. The program is strong on fundamentals, and the gym equipment is great. But the most important component here is of course the people involved. My trainer, CX, was flexible when needed but also firm as required. He showed a great deal of understanding of my lifestyle, travel and food habits and was an incredible source of support. In short, he was great ! I would recommend T2 to anybody looking to make a clear change in their lifestyle - the program requires commitment but delivers results if you're able to stick with the diet, exercise, and sleep requirements.

Been on the training for a month as a first timer – with a humble result of -5kgs. Fully dedicated myself to the program designed by my PT – Adrian Tan. Yet to have nice physique but better fitting into all the clothes and big kid size 160cm ! As he always says Rome wasn’t built in a day, I need to be patient to see the result and consistency is the key ! During the consultation, I was told 2 days training is sufficient (with disclaimer - subject to PT’s guidance), with the mindset, okay just 2 days training – I have signed up the program. On my first training day – Adrian told me to do at least 30mins cardio for 3 days in a week (Ok, acceptable request). But the next day, he texted me – Let’s try to do 30mins cardio for 5 days a week. My heart sank… but again, Ok – since I signed up – I should be all in and again, challenge accepted. He will always check on the status – What’s for lunch? Hows your cardio? – so you cant be lazy to miss the cardio and eat in healthier way. Rule #1 for fat loss – avoid anything that is deep fried. :(I have never thought I will be so committed into the journey. It is not only the trainer’s fees we paid, but it is the time, individual effort and commitment we have to put in. Yet, I always look forward to my training sessions with Adrian, to a better me and a better physique.

Adrian is my trainer since 2021. His teaching is simple and straightforward that works ! Nothing over the top or fancy machines that may injure you if not careful.

Adrian has been a great partner and trainer, keeping me on point and most importantly making sure the exercises are age appropriate and doesn't strain the body unnecessarily.

Training at T2, there is a great emphasis on the process with tailored advice on diet and habits outside of the gym setting as well. Regular feedback on progress too. Professional set up with wide range of well maintained equipment.

Good boutique gym in the CBD and Danial is a wonderful Trainer. He is focused on outcomes and working to understand his clients well to give them the outcomes they want.

I enjoyed the training and the nutrition advice given by CX. Throughout my training I have learned how important to have strength training as it helps to reduce my weight and to gain muscles where it needs.

Excellent gym and equipment; Dan is an excellent trainer and so are the owners. Attention to detail, engaging and always ready and available to address any question or concerns.

I’ve been training here with Khairul for the last 2 months. Excellent tailored program for my age and fitness level. Haven’t seen such progress with any of my previous trainers before !

Trained with CX for over 50 sessions & he has been very helpful in helping me build better habits and achieving my goals ! Aside from the session itself, he provided me with a workout plan I could follow when training on my own and guided me on how I could approach my diet. Thank you !

Promoted as a place with curated plans for targeted results. Unfortunately, my 1 and only stated targeted result was not met after 20 sessions at $160 per session. Wrote in to the person in charge before writing this review, but there was no reply. Disappointing as it seems to me that there is an avoidance of non-positive but genuine feedback.

Nurwana is my PT with the gym and she has been extremely professional and knowledgeable. During the sessions, she pushes you to the limit while ensuring your safety. On non-training days, she goes the extra mile to ensure that you are eating right by providing a lot of information and tips, which helps me in choosing my food and maintaining my calories count. Also, would like to highlight that the gym is clean and equipments are well-maintain too !

Adrian is an awesome trainer and always provides excellent support during sessions.

Finally .... I found a perfect Gym 🏋️ after trying many other gyms in Singapore. This is really a next level and unique gym where I can transform myself (health, body & strength 💪🏻) in a better way with the help of world class trainer with great knowledge, experience and good equipments to achieve my goal. I have never feel so good & and strong💪🏻 before. Thanks 🙏🏻 to *Total Transformation Lab* 🏋️ and to my coach *Danial* for being part of my transformation journey. And also it's very convenient for me to go after my working hours as I work near town area.😊

I was training under CX for 6 months and it was a great experience. The expertise and guidance he's provided through my sessions were amazing. His consistent updates and redesigning of my sessions help me a great deal. I am satisfied with the results.

I have been training with Japheth for just over a month and have seen very good results that I have not been able to achieve on my own. The programme was customised to my goals and lifestyle, and its structure has made it easy for me to form new habits and build a routine. Japheth is an excellent coach who has provided much-needed guidance, and he shares his knowledge/fields my many questions really well. He has encouraged me to challenge myself I have had a very positive experience and have learned a lot !

Great no nonsense training with Adrian for many years now. Plenty of equipment and space in a very central location.

Great location and motivated trainers that will get you the results you want !

Located in the CBD, It's easily accessible and convenient. It has the same value programs as what's found at the TSquared Labs main branch.

I get personalised recovery session with Naim each time I go down TSquared Lab. He will help me to relief my soreness from running and gym sessions.

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I’ve tried just about every meal plan service in Singapore & TSquared Eats has the best food and range so far. The meals get delivered chilled (not frozen) every day & you can choose to receive them either every morning or the night before.
The quality of the meals are enjoyable and what sets TSquared Lab’s meal plans from the rest is the availability of plant based/vegetarian meals. In addition, the meals are prepared in a no pork no lard kitchen and their beef/chicken are all halal certified which is perfect for those with religious diets like myself.
So far, my favourite meals have been the eggplant and beef lasagna (as pictured), paneer dahi kebab with mint sauce, Indian butter chicken with basmati and pan seared teriyaki salmon.
P.s. this review was not sponsored and nor am I being compensated in any way :)

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I started working out with Dimitar about a year and a half ago, and to this day I am still working out with him. I had never worked out prior to this, so I took all of his advices. I had a role model of what I wanted my body to look like. He provided me with a full workout and a full nutrition program. I knew that I had to lose a little weight, so he made a meal plan where I would eat about 1, 800 calories per day. In addition, we worked out together for 3 times a week, and I had a cardio session once a week in between the gym session days. I stayed focused and motivated, never missed a single training and he was always there for support. Working out with Dimitar taught me that you have to be guided by a professional trainer who keeps a track of everything you work on. Dimitar remained professional throughout the whole course, never canceled a class, and was always there to help in any way possible. I had a role model of what I wanted my body to look like and I strived to achieve that. So after about 12-15 weeks I saw the results that this training and nutrition program had on my body, and I started feeling and looking really better. To this day, I still workout 3 times a week with him and he still provides me with a variety of workout exercises 💪🏼

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Having trained for about 12 weeks at Total Transformation Lab (TSquared), my personal training session with Haikal Fauzi have been amazing. As a PT Trainer, Haikal is knowledgeable and follow up closely on your training plan. He ensures that your fitness journey is on track and pushes you to your limit for every session.
Haikal also shared the importance of each exercises and the respective muscle group that it targeted. Not forgetting on muscle recovery too. I’m glad that I am seeing the transformation results now and always look forward to my next session. My strength has improved, and my next goal is achieving a toned body.
I strongly would recommend newbie to sign up with TSquared to kickstart their fitness journey. Located near Labrador Park MRT Station, TSquared Lab is a comprehensive brand where you can train, eat, and recover healthily. The gym is spacious with great equipment and the staff are warm and welcoming. Kickstart your fitness journey with TSquared !

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The food meals they offer are just delicious. to top it up the service is top notch. I have been buying meals from majority of the companies in SG but these team delivers over & above. Catering to personal preferences where needed, makes the meals they offer my absolute favorite. Highly recommending it & thank you.

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Just the finest words for Dimitar. He is the best. I’m 38 years old and I have never exercised in my life. Lately I have experienced back problems and it was a sign that I need to make some changes. I’m so lucky to have Dimitar as my trainer. He has such a positive attitude, knowledge, energy and dedication for his work. He truly helped me transform my daily routine in to a more healthy one. I have felt the first results after only 10 days of work out, my pain was gone, my posture started improving, my eating habits became more healthy. He is an expert in creating the perfect training program, allowing me to continue my day fully energized and in the same time providing a fast and healthy transformation. I highly recommend him to anyone who seeks utmost transformation for both the body and quality of life.

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Just started my journey with working out at T2 Lab and it has been great so far. Love going to their gym. The gym is clean, spacious and well-maintained. It has this "homey"vibe making you feel at ease and comfortable right away. Everyone I've met so far are nice and professional. Special thanks to Afshan for taking care of me.
They also offer a wide range of services such as yoga, pilates, massage, and nutrition to help with your transformation. Tried the meals which they deliver on a daily basis to ensure freshness and it was delicious !
Looking forward to continue my journey with this gym and try their other services. To be continued...haha ! :)

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Aadhi is the best yoga instructor I have met in my 16 years of practice. She pays good attention to each individual in every class and generously shares her knowledge about life, health and yoga. She is highly competent and is confident to allow enough space for me to explore and progress yet careful to ensure I don’t injure myself. Her genuine love to teach shows through in her patience and kindness. T2Lab is a beautiful place, thoughtfully designed. I feel peace in my heart each time I walk into it. ❤️

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Have enjoyed my PT sessions here, my trainer enabled me to reach my maximum potential. Highly recommended.

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Chris is a great coach for Pilates, the universe and everything. With t2 lab it was possible to arrange an excellent physiotherapist too, Nifail is the most effective and practical ever. It’s easy to get there via either train or car.

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I am so happy and glad that I’ve subscribed to their plant-based meals (since I’m a vegetarian) Not only It’s healthy but also convenient. Meals were delivered to my place every evening and I can heat it up the next day. What I love about the TSqaure Lab is that they can cater allium free. This is very good especially for vegetarian who does not take onion or garlic. From what I know not many companies can cater to this.
The chef really care and cater to the need of the consumers. My family and me are still enjoying the food and we are still looking forward everyday to their meals.

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Great place to to train with proper guidance. Japheth has been my trainer for the past few months and he has helped me reach my goals with customised programme. Nadzri does my recovery sessions and he pays attention to my needs and helps to fix my issues in the best way possible.

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My all time go-to place for pain and muscle releases - at Tsqured lab ! Lovely session with Grace. She is caring, proffesional and knowledgeable physiotherapist. Grace aimed to get to the root of the problem and helped me to get back to my normal self.
This time she used dry needling on my shoulders to manage pain which helped to heal and relax my muscles.
The place is very spacious and clean and has a welcoming and cosy environment.
Could not speak more highly of this practice !
Thank you !

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I have been training at Tsquared Lab with Japheth for about 3 months now and I have not been exercising for a very long time prior to this. Definitely enjoyed my time training here as Japheth is very patient and encouraging during our training sessions and he is always able to answer questions that I have. The environment is a lot more spacious and cozier compared to a conventional gym which makes it less intimidating for me and I can focus more on training.

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Really want to thank TSquared Lab. My first encounter was with consultant, Henry. He was not pushy and explained the programme very clearly to me. Consequently, I was placed in the good hands of my coach, Nurwana, who customised workouts to suit me and helped monitor my step count, my meals and how I felt throughout the training sessions. I would like to thank Afshan as well. She is always willing to share nutritional tips and checks on my wellbeing. The facilities at both branches are top-notch (thanks to the staff for upkeeping the hygiene and conducive environment). Not only did I gain knowledge and strength but training here has boosted my self-confidence as well. Would recommend TSquared Lab to anyone who is keen to seek guidance from experienced coaches :)

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I started training with Darren in mid August 2022. He is systematic, attentive and professional. More importantly, he is able to pinpoint my problems in every exercise thus allowing me to overcome these challenges and improve.
I started off with wrist pain. After training with Darren, I'm now pain free, yet stronger.
Darren helped me achieve my first fitness goal ahead of schedule.
Now that I'm fitter, stronger and pain free, I'm even more motivated to continue my personal training with Darren.

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Thank you, Coach Darren Goh, for your very valuable training and guidance. I managed to drop an approx. 8kg of body weight and 5.7% of body fat in just 13 weeks. The result is amazing, and I'm so looking forward to my next goal.
I'm also glad that you never gave up on me when I'm feeling under the weather. Instead, you encouraged and pushed me to the limit. I really enjoyed the training, and I appreciated that you made it fun ! Cheers, Beatrice Low.

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This is my first PT experience and I've enjoyed seeing my progress. Japheth is my PT and he's amazing. He clearly has extensive biomechanics knowledge and applies it to help me reach my goals. He's caring, patient, and pushes me just the right amount.
The gym itself is super spacious, clean, and everyone there is super friendly.

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I have been to a few gyms before coming to TSquared Lab Alexandra. I am truly impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the warm welcome by Afshan. I could sense her passion for the lab and took so much pride in it just from that brief chat.
I was introduced to my PT Japheth who has been very professional throughout. He is also very encouraging during trainings and is genuine in his care for my progression. We share the same goal and are result oriented. I can't wait for the transformation to happen. The gym is also very well equipped and clean.
Overall, I am glad I have chosen this place to work on.

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Amazing meal delivery service ! After sampling other competitors’ meal options, I landed firmly with T-Squared. Their food is always fresh, the variety is great, and the taste is always a impressive ! I have noticed that other meal plan providers shy away from seasoning and it results in bland repetitive foods. T-Squared on the other hand is boldly using their spice rack to deliver variety and amazing flavours every time !

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I had my first Physiotherapy assessment and treatment with Grace at Alexandra. Those healing hands combined with some movement work realigned my spine. I no longer feel like my body is wonky and lopsided ! The treatment rooms are very spacious and well equipped.

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I have a very positive experience training here. Equipments are always cleaned & maintained well. Toilets are very clean with hair dryer, cotton pads & towels provided. My personal trainer Japheth is also very experienced & professional. Will highly recommend this place to anyone !

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Beautiful & spacious gym - always a good time :) thanks nurwana for training me ☺️ Facilities are well equipped & maintained. Thanks for making my gym sessions so enjoyable ! Meal preps are delicious too ! Physiotherapist Nadz is very knowledgeable & experienced too ! Always have a good stretch after training.

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AMAZING GYM, AMAZING WORKOUTS, and most importantly AMAZING TRAINER ! Shout out to my PT, Nurwana. She is incredibly friendly and extremely qualified ! She know how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. Such a family vibe as soon as i walk through the doors – I highly recommend checking this gym. Every workouts are tough but fun and effective. You will not dissapoint ! I lost 4kgs & 3% body fat in just 4 weeks. If you are looking for a fitness transformation programme, look no more. Come to TSquared Lab and ask for Nurwana !

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Nadz is amazing ! Recovery therapy and stretching works and a must for all the athletes in any kind of workout or training that push yourself to the limit. First encounter with Nadz, he fixed my long term lower back soreness and pain, ankle problem and swelling. Within the 90 mins session he realized that my psoas muscles were very tight and I wasn’t using my glutes. Walked away from that session with not only exercises that I can do at home but also pain free in my lower back ! Today was my second session with Nadz, after a full week of workouts with Dimi, head trainer here, and several long distance bike rides. When I came in with tight quads, hamstring, backs and arm, I entire body was about to shutdown. 90 minutes later, I’ve never been fresher, and feel like I can hit the gym now ! Thanks Nadz ! ! ! !

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TSquared is a very professionally run gym. The owners are lovely and the space and equipment is terrific. I personally go there for Aadhi’s yoga classes and she is one of the best yoga teachers in Singapore. I’ve tried many of the trendy yoga studios, but nothing beats learning from a teacher who spent years studying the traditional form of yoga in India. Highly recommended.

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Total Transformation Lab is friendly & welcoming gym with the clients best interest at heart; this place has a family feel and ‘no judgement’ vibes. It’s a beautifully designed space with thoughtfully hired staff- they really care about physical and mental well-being. Highly recommend :)

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Excellent stretch ! Therapist provided with in-depth explanation on every exercise or stretch made. Very knowledgeable and he targets areas where i feel strain and tension. My whole body feel quite relieved and relaxed after just 1 session ! Highly recommended to anyone that needs a good stretch or on route to recovery !

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I am shouting out loud for Total Transformation Lab as this place is exactly as the name suggests, filled with the most amazing people that support and accompany you on your journey to transform. The experience is world class from my personal trainer, who spent an enormous amount of time discussing my training programme, making feel supported and comfortable as it was my first time experiencing a gym and going with a personal trainer.
The gym is very clean. Everyone takes cleanliness seriously, cleaning equipment the moment they have finished using. The staff routinely cleans the entire gym and you can feel and smell the cleanliness the moment you enter the place.
Total Transformation Lab is like a 2nd home and everybody is family !

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Having trained for about 12 weeks at Total Transformation Lab (TSquared), my personal training session with Haikal Fauzi have been amazing. As a PT Trainer, Haikal is knowledgeable and follow up closely on your training plan. He ensures that your fitness journey is on track and pushes you to your limit for every session.
Haikal also shared the importance of each exercises and the respective muscle group that it targeted. Not forgetting on muscle recovery too. I’m glad that I am seeing the transformation results now and always look forward to my next session. My strength has improved, and my next goal is achieving a toned body.
I strongly would recommend newbie to sign up with TSquared to kickstart their fitness journey. Located near Labrador Park MRT Station, TSquared Lab is a comprehensive brand where you can train, eat, and recover healthily. The gym is spacious with great equipment and the staff are warm and welcoming. Kickstart your fitness journey with TSquared !

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A phenomenal, one-of-a-kind location to train, not simply because of the wide floor space equipped with the latest in weights and machines, but also with range of services including assisted stretching, yoga and nutrition for a total transformation journey. most of all, the down-to-earth, friendly and caring team of trainers will motivate and inspire us to achieve our own goals. thank you, TSquared Lab !

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I’ve been going to Total Transformation Lab for 2 months now and I absolutely love it. Not only are they results oriented, they also help me with my everyday food intake, lifestyle, etc. I truly enjoy working out these days and would 100% recommend them to everyone ! :)

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