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After a long day at work, give your muscles the relief they deserve.

The daily rut, grind and stress of our lives often translates into muscle stiffness, fatigue and wear and tear which leaves your muscles feeling sore and tired. Combat the stress of your daily rut with Assisted Stretching.

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Assisted stretching results in

  • Better range of motion and flexibility

    Stretching encourages range of motion which then further translates into flexibility, thus enabling a sense of relaxation.

  • Improved circulation

    Increased blood flow to tissues, optimum delivery of oxygen to them ultimately leads to reduced soreness of muscles.

  • Better Posture

    A perfect stretching session encourages proper alignment in the body and supports good posture.

  • Stress relief

    You feel that aha! Moment when the tension stored in your muscles find the right release through a perfect stretch. Alleviates tension by gradually opening up and relaxing the muscles on a cellular level.

  • Alleviates pain

    A tested technique to combat pain caused due to injuries. Stretching counteracts on pain causing stiffness and inaction of muscles.

Therapies Offered

Whether you are a regular individual suffering from fatigue, an athlete, a senior citizen, or an individual with muscle injury, we have a stretching therapy that will suit you. We offer a comprehensive stretching therapy that is a blend of three unique stretching techniques each anchored to a specific school of thought. We understand your need and offer a customized program that features each of these technique.

Active Isolated Stretching

A ‘two second’ rule assisted-stretching, active isolated stretching is a gentle form of assisted stretching that holds a stretch for not any longer than two seconds and then goes in for a repetition of the same stretch. In this therapy the antagonist muscle is contracted to provide the targeted muscle relaxation. The two second rule is applied to avoid the targeted muscle to go into a ‘fight or flight mode’ and thus avoid it from contracting. The idea is to give it just the right time to relax.

Dynamic Body Stretching

A style and variant of active isolated stretching that feature easy-to-learn stretching sequences which do the task of improving range of motion, flexibility and strength of your muscles. It is supported by a data driven software system that tracks and visually represents the weak or imbalanced muscles, indicating high injury risk areas.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

A therapy founded and constructed on four key principles. A traction based system that first works on opening the joints and then moves into stretch. The stretching is always carried out from the core out. It uses gentle, smooth and rhythmic movements to achieve the best results and believes that none of the individuals neither the therapist nor the client should experience any kind of pain.

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