The Huge Reason Why People Fail to Reach Their Fitness Goals

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve an amazing fitness transformation, and others fail repeatedly? Why do some folks seem to have it all figured out, but others make one mistake after the next?

If the answer is yes, read on because we’ll be breaking down the biggest factor determining your fitness success chances.

Let’s dive in.

The Number One Thing Holding You Back

If asked what’s holding them back, most people would list things like a lack of knowledge, not having enough time, and not being able to find the right coach. But, despite what people think, most fail to reach their goals because of one thing: ego.

You see, growth is about setting your ego aside and embracing the role of the beginner. The problem is that doing so is easier said than done. People would like to achieve various goals but doing so requires a new identity, habits, and mindset. In other words, you have to leave your comfort zone.

For example, many people want to lose weight but doing so is about more than following a nonsensical diet for a few weeks. True weight loss is about recognizing your mistakes and shifting your mindset. It is about admitting to yourself and your coach that you don’t know what you’re doing and that you’ve likely fallen for ‘quick and easy’ solutions in the past.

The Number One Thing Holding You Back

What It Means In a Practical Sense

There is a term called coachability which refers to a person’s ability to be coached. While there are numerous meanings of the term, the simplest one is that coachable people are more willing to accept the feedback necessary to move forward.

As you can imagine, being coachable is more than wanting to improve some area of your life. It is also about being honest with yourself and knowing how to set your ego aside. 

Many people work with coaches to build muscle, lose fat, excel in their careers, fix relationships, and more. Unfortunately, most struggle to become coachable because doing so requires setting ego to the side. As a result, they fail to achieve their results and often blame others for their shortcomings. Why? Because admitting that failure is your fault is a form of ego abolition, and most people aren’t good at it.

How It Ties With Accountability And Getting Coached

We can all agree that being accountable can be scary. Whether you work with a coach or answer to a friend or family member, accountability can be nerve-racking because you’re leaving yourself open to examination and critique.

People who struggle with their ego choose to avoid accountability or give up when things get challenging. For instance, you might start working with a coach and make good progress. The problem is that accountability is an ongoing effort that requires openness and honesty to work. 

In other words, becoming accountable means creating responsibility for yourself. You’re not simply doing something for yourself but are also open for examination and critique.

How It Ties With Accountability And Getting Coached

What Can You Do About It?

The natural human reaction to a scary situation is to give up and run away. By being conscious of that tendency and understanding that accountability is the only way forward, you open yourself up to future success.

Does that mean accountability gets? Yes, to a degree. But life isn’t always about doing what’s easy. Sometimes, the only way forward is to set your ego aside and rely on good old hard work.

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