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At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with hypertension. That was my wake-up call to start paying more attention towards health.

Cheryl’s Body Transformation Journey
“I feel the training program was designed and tailor-made, just for myself and to suit my fitness goals.”

Read Cheryl’s Transformation Journey

What is your name, age and profession?

Hi, my name is Cheryl, I am 41 years old this year and I am a fundraiser with the museum.

What made you sign up for the TSquared Lab program?

Well, when I signed up there wasn’t so much focus on weight loss as opposed to just gaining muscle and strength. That was my main goal when I joined the gym.

Cheryl saw internal growth when training at TSquared Lab
“In my fitness journey with Afshan, I realised that you could overcome anything. I saw internal growth when training at TSquared Lab.”

Were there any challenges or struggles related to health or fitness before starting the program?

Yes, so the turning point that made me sign up was, when I went for my full body check-up at the age of 40, and I realised that I was at a hypertension level of blood pressure. So that was the turning point and the push factor to sign-up towards my journey in getting healthier and stronger. And knowing that Afshan was going to be my Coach, pushed me even further.

What is the best take-away, either fat loss or muscle building wise?

I think for me personally, it’s been internal growth, because for me I never stepped into the gym before this in my entire life. And I think it was primarily due to maybe being intimidated by the machinery or just the environment. But having done this and going through the journey with Afshan, I realised that you can overcome anything.

we focused on strength, the core, arms, and legs
“I am proud of my overall fitness and strength that I have achieved. But more than that I am proud of my arms and arm strength.”

How are the workouts at TSquared Lab?

My workouts are customised, so they are really depending on your strength level, your fitness level and areas you want to improve on. So, that’s the kind of customisation we work with Afshan.

Can you describe the program that your Coach has designed for you at TSquared Lab?

We meet twice a week, it’s a one-hour session with each other, we focus on strength, the core, arms, and legs.

Which body part are you most proud of?

All of it, I am proud of my overall fitness and strength that I have achieved. But primarily more in the arms.

How long before you started noticing the changes in your strength and in your body?

I started noticing changes, I think after two three months, you could slowly see the changes starting to take place then.

My Coach is awesome. I think she is the reason why I agreed to take on this program in the first place
“I put in my head that I will do the fitness thing later, but it is imperative that we take care of ourselves to stay stronger from an early age and not wait till 40’s to take the first step.”

How has your Coach helped you along in this journey?

My Coach is awesome. I think she is the reason why I agreed to take on this program in the first place. I think her life itself speaks volumes in terms of overcoming challenges and just doing the impossible and I wanted to work with someone who was fully experienced and fully walked the journey herself. So that really gave me the push to keep going for the last six – seven – eight months.

What is next for you in terms of health and fitness?

After going through this journey, I think the goal is really to maintain, to keep on staying strong, healthy, and even watching what we eat and keeping up the active lifestyle, so that we don’t go back to the old ways that we started with.

Would you recommend TSquared Lab to others?

Oh Yes, definitely, especially I think a lot of women in my age category, like mothers, or women who are very busy working and they think that they will just do fitness later on, which is something I also put in my mind. But I think it’s quite imperative for women in their 40s to take care of ourselves early on, so that we can have strength and we can last longer.

Any final words for your Coach?

I just want to let Afshan know that I don’t think this journey would have been possible for me, if not for her guidance, and her stories. It is more than just working out, it is also building a relationship and I think the only way true transformation can take place is when you have trust, with the person you are working with. And I am so glad that I have that with Afshan. I just want to thank her for that.


1. Cheryl educated herself:

Cheryl has great trust in her trainer. She has heard her trainer’s real-life stories and have learnt a life lesson, that one can overcome any situation. That has been her major take-away, other than the knowledge she gained on training, recovery, and nutrition. She conditioned her mind set, before learning any other aspect of fitness.

2. Cheryl was consistent:

Cheryl trained at TSquared Lab twice a week for one-hour sessions. She knew her program and she had support from her trainers. All she had to contribute was her dedication and determination to complete the program, which she brought along every time she stepped in at TSquared Lab facility. And the program did what it was supposed to do, transformed her.

3. Cheryl had support from her Personal Trainer:

Afshan and Cheryl have deep conversation about health and Cheryl’s goals. Afshan was aware of the amount of motivation that will be required to get Cheryl to take the path of transformation. She pushed Cheryl to her limits and patience. She helped her understand the correlation between nutrition, mindset, and training. Communication was key factor in providing the necessary support to Cheryl.

4. Cheryl drew inspiration from her Coach’s life:

Coaches should truly be an inspiration for a client to get motivated and do what they think is impossible. At TSquared Lab we have trainers who have overcome some extremely difficult body issues and have become who they are today. Cheryl drew her inspiration from her Coach Afshan, who had gone through a major spine injury where she couldn’t even stand for months, with her strong will and never give-up attitude she rose and pushed every bit of herself to get stronger and fitter. Today she is a trainer at TSquared Lab, and no one could say she has gone through such pain in the past.

5. Cheryl followed her program to the ‘t’:

Cheryl’s training program was customised and was based on her strengths and body limitations. She knew the program was result-focused if she did exactly the way it was designed. With the help and guidance of her Coach, she followed the program and achieved the desired results.

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