Dollie's Transformation - How she lost 17 kgs in 15 weeks

I joined with the target of reducing 6 kgs for an upcoming vacation, and I ended up losing 17 kgs in 15 weeks.

Dollie’s Body Transformation Results
“Currently I have lost 17 kgs of body weight, 16% body fat and my forms have improved a lot.”

Read Dollie’s Transformation Journey

Introduce yourself and tell us about yourself.

Hi, my name is Dollie, I am 50 this year and I am a Financial Controller.

What made you sign up for the TSquared Lab program?

Initially I wanted to lose about 6 kgs for my vacation, but I ended up losing 17 kgs.

What were the main challenges or struggles you had with regards to your health and or your weight be think before starting at TSquared Lab Program?

I think the main problem was due to my work, I have to work long hours, also in the middle of the nights. So, I tend to snack a lot, have supper, that’s why weight always goes up.

Dollie noticed the changes from the very first month, which further motivated her
“Renee pushes me to my limits which resulted in increased muscles and endurance level and reduced fats.”

How much weight and body fat have you lost and in how much time?

In 15 weeks, I lost about 17 kgs and 16% body fat.

What is your proudest achievement?

I think my proudest achievement was when I sent my pictures to my daughter in Germany, and she said I am skinny.

How are the workouts at TSquared Lab?

Thanks to Renee, she is helping me to design the program in such a way that it increases my muscles, reduce my fats and increase my endurance level.

Can you tell us more about Coach Renee?

She is fantastic, although she is pushing me like crazy. On a lighter note, thanks to her, she pushes me to the limit and always encourages and motivates me. She is the best.

Dollie says that her trainer Renee pushes her to her limits which resulted in increased muscles and endurance levels and reduced fats
“I noticed the changes from the very first month, which further motivated me.”

How hard was it to make changes to your nutrition, workout, and lifestyle?

Initially it was tough for me, but I got used to it, and also, I wanted to succeed that’s why I held on to it.

How long before you started seeing some differences in your body?

In the first month itself I saw a drastic drop and that kept me very motivated to continue.

What do you think of TSquared Lab and the people here?

I like the environment here and that was one more reason to sign up at TSquared Lab. People here are very friendly, especially Renee. She is a great Coach and I like it.

What would to you say to someone who might be unsure about diving or taking a plunge into health and fitness or joining TSquared Lab?

Well, first of all you must believe in your Coach and also yourself, so that you can achieve it, if you want it.


1. Dollie educated herself:

Dollie came to TSquared Lab with a weight loss goal. However, at that time she was unaware that she will have to make changes to her food also. The start was struggleful, but her trainer taught her about the importance of right food for weight loss. She embraced and knowledge and put it to execution and the rest is history.

2. Dollie was consistent:

“Result can be motivating” is a very true statement. For Dollie, her commitment increased with herself and TSquared Lab when she noticed the difference in her body after the first month. She liked what she was seeing and wanted to sustain that state. Therefore, she stuck around and further reduced 11 kgs over and above her original goal of losing 6 kgs.

3. Dollie had support from her Personal Trainer:

Dollie’s trainer testified that Dollie was a disciplined client when it came to training. The only hurdle they faced was the food habits. So, Renee designed meal plans which could bring change in the eating habits. Renee has been supportive throughout Dollie’s program which included the food conversations, training, accessing the food Dollie was eating and steady transformation.

4. Dollie wanted more:

Dollie was driven by the result she achieved from Renee’s tailor-made training program. And that was the reason why she did not discontinue after losing 6 kgs, she wanted better results for herself. But continuing the program she surprised herself with what she could achieve through her dedication and trainer support.

5. Dollie believed in herself and her coach:

Dollie’s advice to anyone who is planning to transform themselves is “Believe in yourself and your coach”, and she practiced this herself before preaching it to others. She believed she could do it; she was aware of the initial struggles and did not give up on herself. She trusted her trainer and went with the training and meal plan her trainer prepared for her. She changed her food habits and trained dedicatedly to get beyond where she wanted to reach.

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