Emily's Transformation Results - Lost body fat and gained strength

My friends have noticed the changes in me, and they say that I am leaner and much stronger than before. When I see my friends after training, they feel my energy has changed for good.

Emily’s Body Transformation Results
“I feel the training program was designed and tailor-made, just for myself and to suit my fitness goals.”

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Can you share your name, age, and profession?

Hi, I am Emily, I am 30 years old, and I am a Marketing Manager.

What made you sign up for TSquared Lab?

I signed up for TSquared Lab because several of my colleagues come to this gym, and I saw drastic and pretty impressive results, so yeah, I really wanted to join and see how it can benefit me, and since I have started, I definitely have been really enjoying it.

Emily noticed that she has gained more strength and is now able to use machines and weights while working out
“I noticed that I have gained more strength and am now able to use machines and weights while working out. Furthermore, I am able to do more Yoga poses due to increased flexibility, which is uplifting.”

What were the main challenges/struggles you faced with regards to health and fitness, before starting with TSquared Lab?

My main challenges really I guess was having the stability and routine in my life especially with regards to fitness. I didn't have a set schedule, it was really just booking gym classes whenever I felt like it and sometimes canceling at the last minute but coming to TSquared Lab really gave me structure and you know having those dedicated 3 sessions per week in the morning makes me prioritize my fitness; so that really helps me overall.

What have you gained from working out at TSquared Lab?

What I have really gained is a lot of strength, especially upper body strength that I haven't had before and I've noticed that it's not only helped in my gym workouts while using the machines and weights here but really outside as well when I do Pilates and Yoga on the side, being able to do more Yoga poses that I used to has been really been uplifting.

Emily's most significant change is the slimmed down waist and the lost weight around her stomach area. My arms are much more toned and stronger.
“My most significant change, which I am extremely proud of is, the slimmed down waist and the lost weight around my stomach area. My arms are much more toned and stronger. In addition, I gained upper body strength”

What is your proudest achievement or the biggest change that you have seen?

It’s just how I feel right now, and I haven't felt like this for a long time since I started gym many years ago and yeah, I really appreciate Coach William taking me to this point. The most significant and proudest change I would say is that my waist has slimmed down and around my stomach area I have lost quite a bit. My arms are much more toned and stronger, and I have gained great upper body strength that has helped in contributing to my Yoga poses as well.

How are the workouts?

The workouts are fantastic, when I come here it's always a really good fun environment and culture so that's always fun and also the workouts are really great because it's tailored to my needs and my goals and that's being able to make me feel a lot stronger over the months.

Which body part are you proudest, right now?

Proudest part I would say is my waist and my stomach area and my arms. I've never really worked out on my upper body before but now it's really made me feel really great about myself.

After a gruelling training session, the end is always rewarding
“After a gruelling training session, the end is always rewarding.”

How has your coach helped you along in this journey?

My coach really helped me out a lot, knowing that he's got that solid knowledge of nutrition and fitness and health has helped me not only during my workouts, but also when I need that advice with food portions or nutrition or how to overcome certain things, he's really been there for me. I really want to thank him. He is a good listener and always helps me tailor my program to my needs and I'm always happy to be transparent with him and we can just have that chat so we know how we can best improve and find my best self (like best friends). It has not been obviously easy; it's been tough at certain times but after workout I feel amazing and yes, I'm always there struggling sometimes but Coach William is always there to support me and push me through and then in the end it's always rewarding.

What do your friends say about you now?

My friends say that I am definitely leaner and stronger than before and when I do see them after a workout, they feel like my energy has changed.

What is next in line for your journey together?

Maintenance. The goal will be to maintain whatever I have gained throughout this journey. So, I'll be holding close communication and we will follow through on diet and get assistance on my workout programs that I will do in Australia. And when I am back, we will continue the transformation journey together.

Any advice you would like to give to anyone who sees your transformation?

For someone who wants to start their first fitness journey they really need to find it from within and when you do find it from within, come into TSquared Lab, finding the right partner finding the right PT will really bring you there, and it will be a rewarding experience for sure.


1. Emily educated herself:

Emily had concerns around her waistline, arms and stomach. She needs to address these concerns. But before getting into action, it was time to gain some solid knowledge from Coach William. She learnt about strength training, nutrition, the food portion size and how to measure them, and knowledge of overcoming certain health related issues. This knowledge helped her understand deeply as to why she was doing certain exercises and how that affected her body.

2. Emily nailed consistency after joining TSquared Lab:

Initially Emily had challenges with being consistent. She booked random training sessions and would cancel at the last minute. Lack of motivation can do this to a person. TSquared Lab and Coach William gave her a structure which included 3 sessions every week. These sessions were scheduled for morning, so that a morning routine is set and consistency kicks in gradually.

3. Emily had support from her Personal Trainer:

At TSquared we like to prepare our clients for the time when they may have to workout alone without the trainer. Bearing that in mind, our Personal Trainer largely participates in the knowledge sharing process while training the clients. With Emily, William has been a great listener and a problem solver to her. Based on the phase of the training he has been a constant support to Emily who makes minor changes to her training program, educating her on the right nutrition and right amount of consumption.

4. Emily was aware of her concern areas:

Emily, has known the concern areas from the beginning, but lack of consistency was not taking her anywhere. With a structure training program at TSquared Lab, Emily gained consistency in her training, and was successfully able to address those concern areas to eliminate the weight problems.

5. Emily set her priorities right:

For Emily, health often took a back seat, due to which in spite of booking sessions, she ended up cancelling them sometimes. It was just about the time when she joined TSquared Lab, and her goal was defined, and focus was aligned to her health. That day on she put her health on priority and walked towards creating a healthy lifestyle for herself.

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