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You may have tried many internet experiments to lose fat in the past. What people often realize is that a lot of these shortcuts are not healthy, nor do they give you sustainable results.

Our team of body transformation experts excels at helping clients lose fat and increase muscle mass. Leveraging science and their personal experience, they know how to target the stubborn fat in your body, and they do it in a way that does not compromise your overall health.

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Why is losing fat so difficult?

You’re reading this page because you have tried to lose weight before – or you are trying to lose weight now, but the results simply don’t seem to come.

Remember that it’s not you, but your biology at work. When you shed kilograms, you trigger mechanisms in your body that make it hard to keep the weight off. There are scientific reasons why losing weight is difficult. Understanding how it works can help you treat your body more kindly and approach it in the right manner.

Myths about fat loss

  • I need to do a lot of cardio.

    You should combine cardio exercise with strength training. Strength training increases your muscle mass, in turn increasing your resting metabolic rate and enabling you to burn more calories while doing the same amount of exercise.
  • I need to eat salad to lose weight.

    You need a balanced and nutritious diet to lose weight. Eating right is more important than eating less.
  • I need to give up on all the food I love.

    You don’t have to! You simply need to make small and sustainable tweaks to your diet.
  • Diet supplements will help me.

    Most dietary pills for weight loss are ineffective. Even for those that are, it is not a sustainable or healthy approach in the long run.
  • Carbs make you fat.

    Carbs are one of the three macronutrients that make up your food, in addition to protein and fat. Weight loss boils down to calorie deficit, not how much carbs you are consuming.

How does excess fat affect your body?

People living with obesity are prone to developing a range of serious medical issues. That is why it is important to trim the excess fat off your body or turn them into muscles.

Cardiovascular system: The heart needs to work harder to pump blood around the body in people with a lot of excess fat, leading to high blood pressure and stroke.

Mental health: A higher risk of depression, poor self-esteem, and issues with body image.

Respiratory system: Fat stored around the neck can squeeze the airway, causing sleep apnea.

Digestive system: Higher risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), where stomach acid leaks into the esophagus.

Endocrine system: Obesity makes the body’s cells resistant to insulin, increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Reproductive system: Difficulty to get pregnant and increased complications during pregnancy.

Skeletal system: Extra weight can put too much pressure on the joints, leading to pain and stiffness.

How can we help you to align with losing weight

1. Losing weight does not equal to losing fat.

You don’t necessarily want to lose weight – you want to lose fat. This is the first thing you need to distinguish when you are on your transformation journey.

2. Understanding how your metabolism works

You can speed up your metabolism by doing the right things. One easy way to approach it is to switch up the composition of fat versus muscle in your body. The more muscles you have, the more energy you can burn by doing the same amount of physical activity.

3. A holistic and sustainable approach to weight loss.

We can help you lose fat with our unique, multi-faceted approach targeting stubborn fats around your body. Combining strength training, nutritious meals, recovery sessions, and mindfulness training, our transformation program sets you on a healthy and sustainable journey to fat loss.

Achieve the best version of you

Achieve the best version of you with world's leading personal trainers who have years of experience and success helping clients lose stubborn fats and build muscles at all the right places. They are your partners on this journey and share the same goals as you.

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Their journeys, your inspiration

Paula | lost 7 kg body weigh

Overall, I have lost 7 kg body weight and 6% body fat which is great and I am super happy about it.

Sonia | lost 15 kg body weight

Now, I realised actually I have the stamina, I am not winded any more so, I think that’s my proudest moment like not being dependent on my medication.

Ryan | 24 sessions, A Life Transformed

After recovering from leukemia, the training at TSquared Lab improved my life. I love sports and getting back to them really made me very happy.

Sam | 22 weeks, A Life Transformed

Sometimes I saw myself in the mirror and felt surprised. I had changed and improved a lot because of the training program.

Miyako | Lost 8% Bodyfat

Since I have started the training program, I have lost 7kg of body weight and 8% bodyfat. Thanks to my coach Nurwana for her guidance and continuous push.

Lily | Lost 6% Bodyfat

I use to have flabby arms but since I am training with Khairul, I can see my biceps, good shoulders and triceps and that I feel is the best takeaway so far.

Sascha | Lost 8% Bodyfat

I lost a lot of weight, 5 additional kgs, and 8% body fat even though I was having my daily stash of chocolates and icecreams.

Joseph | Lost 10% Bodyfat

I have lost about 7 kg body weight and my body fat has reduced to 10%. My family and I were amazed with my physical transformation.

Jaya | Lost 16kg Bodyweight

I never weighed myself before starting this program, I have lost about 16 kg of weight and 12% body fat after joined this program.

Yen | Lost 14kg Bodyweight

Weight loss from 75.6 kg to 58.6 kg in 10 months made me look good and feel more confident than ever.

Sherria | Scaling New Heights

I joined TSquared Lab to gain more strength and be able to get better at climbing, and my coach, Afshan, has helped me achieve my goal.

Susu | A Journey Of Strength & Confidence

Workout is a lifestyle; it's not a short term process. Be patient with yourself and trust the process.

Yen | Lost 17kg of bodyweight

I have lost weight from 75.6 kg to 58.6 kg in 10 months made me look good in terms of my physical attribute & feel more confident than ever.

SHAIKH | Lost 9% of bodyfat

With TSquared Lab I dropped 9% body fat, gained a few pounds of muscle and developed abs which I dreamt of for long.

Dollie | Lost 15kg of bodyweight

I joined TSquared Lab with the target of reducing 6 kgs for an upcoming vacation, and I ended up losing 17 kgs in 15 weeks.

Leong | Lost 6% of bodyfat

I couldn’t run for 23 years because of a knee injury, and within 6 months at TSquared Lab, I started running and lost 6% body fat.

Cheryl | Lost 7% of bodyfat

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with hypertension. That was my wake-up call to start paying more attention towards health.

Francko | Lost 8% of bodyfat

From ‘no time to work out” to the proudest moment of being able to hit my best rep on 140 kgs deadlift’ was quite an achievement

Emily | Lost 6% of bodyfat

My leaner and stronger body is hard to go unnoticed by my friends. They feel my energy changes after my training sessions.

Raj | Lost 30kg of bodyweight

With the goal of transforming and changing lifestyle; I have lost 30 kg of body weight and 20% of body fat in a span of one year.

Grace | Lost 11% of bodyfat

I was lost in directions when I first started fitness training. Professional trainers at TSquared Lab served as my fitness mentors.

Rajesh | Lost 10.8kg of bodyweight

In last four months I lost 16 kgs and dropped the body fat by 12%, I was getting ready for my passion for mountaineering

Dollie | Lost 10kg of bodyweight

For me health comes first. With professional help at TSquared Lab I lost 10 kg and fat percentage dropped from 30 to 17.

Karishma | Lost 10kg of bodyweight

I was feeling very lethargic and less confident because of my weight. With Afshan’s help I reduced 10kgs of weight in 6 months.

Rajits | Lost 4% of bodyfat

I came with a bad spine injury which made my day-to-day activities difficult, until I started training with Henry at TSquared Lab

Melissa | Lost 5% of bodyfat

In my time with TSquared Lab, I have gained more muscle definition in both biceps, triceps and developed defined obliques.

Umar | Lost 6% of bodyfat

Nothing worked for me ever since there was a plateau in my training and I had to find professional help to get better and fitter.

Olja | Lost 8% of bodyfat

My body fat went down by about 8 %. I look different, more confident and my energy level has improved which makes he feel alive.

Yun Song | Lost 13kg of bodyweight

I have lost about 13 kgs weight and 11% body fat with the help of proper guidance on nutrition and training from my coach Henry.

Zermatt | 5kg Muscle gain

My trainer aimed at sculpting specific muscle part by breaking them into three different focus areas and worked towards it.


Let us take you on a journey through inspiring transformations of some of our amazing clients. The transformations of our clients are a testament to the power of personal training.

We understand that starting a fitness journey can be overwhelming, and that's why we're here to guide and support you every step. Our personalised training programs are tailored to your unique fitness goals, fitness level, and lifestyle. We believe in a holistic approach that combines strength training, recovery, and nutrition coaching to help you achieve optimal results.

Our goal is to help you not only achieve your fitness goals but also to enjoy the process and live a happier and healthier life.

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