Francko's Body Transformation at his 40's

From "no time to work out” to the proudest moment of being able to hit my best rep on 140 kgs deadlift’ was quite an achievement.

Francko's Body Transformation
“Initially when the Coach told me you are going to hit 140kg, I was skeptical about it. But with his motivation and his push when I achieved that 140kg, I realised that there is no limit to what you can do.”

Read about Francko's Transformation Journey

What is your name, age and profession?

Hi, my name is Francko Shum. I am 40 years old and in the Tech Industry.

How long have you been training at TSquared Lab and how much body-fat have you lost?

I have lost about 8% of body fat since I started training with TSquared Lab in the last three months.

What made you join TSquared Lab?

When I saw the facilities and the equipment, I decided to join TSquared Lab.

What challenges did you face before training at TSquared Lab?

It was very difficult for me to dedicate time to go to the gym on my own. I was unable to lift weights and my form was not correct. My Coach at TSquared Lab corrected me and showed me the right form. Also, he pushed me to the limit.

After training at TSquared Lab are there any noticeable changes or proudest achievements?

My proudest moment was to hit my best rep on a deadlift, my best was 100 kgs and then in the last three months it went to 140kg.

How did you personally feel when you hit 140kg?

Initially when the Coach told me "you are going to hit 140kg" I was sceptical about it. But with his motivation and his push when I achieved that 140kg, I realised that there is no limit to what you can do as long as you have the right person and right gym to be able to actually achieve that.

What is the proudest part of your body after training?

I have always struggled in a gaining mass on my lower body. With the trainer’s motivation, I have worked a lot more on my lower body and it has become a lot more proportional to my upper body.

After dropping 8% body fat, what changes did you notice in yourself?

I felt a lot leaner when I looked at myself. Also, a lot of my friends and colleagues have noticed the change in terms of the leanness of my body. I have gained confidence and discipline in continuing this momentum in this journey.

What is your review of TSquared Lab?

TSquared Lab is exclusive, and the equipment is of high standards, it goes up to maximum as it could be. The facility is clean and just perfect for that 45 minute of training.

What are your fitness goals moving forward?

I plan on going on a vacation for Christmas so, I will try to workout on my own. After coming back, I plan to bulk up and restructure myself.

Did your family and friends say anything about the transformation?

Last couple of months, a lot of friends have said that I got leaner, and my face looks slimmer. Also, that my body looks defined.

After dropping 8% body fat, Francko's lean body was noticeable to his friends and colleagues
“After dropping 8% body fat, my lean body was noticeable to my friends and colleagues. That gave me additional confidence and discipline in continuing the momentum in this journey.”

Would you recommend TSquared Lab?

You come here for 45 mins, train and get results. Especially as an executive it’s really important that in our busy schedule it’s hard to find time but that 45 mins really makes a huge difference.


1. Francko educated himself:

Francko was unable to dedicate time to his training, due to his busy schedule. In addition to that, there were things he felt were impossible for him to achieve. His trainer’s guidance led him to know his actual body strength and what he could practically achieve. On his transformation journey, he learnt about the ability of his body to perform certain exercises. That knowledge boosted another level of confidence in Francko.

2. Francko was consistent:

8% Body Fat loss in three months, came from consistent training and determination towards transformation, which was clubbed with motivation and guidance of his personal trainer.

3. Francko had support from his Personal Trainer:

At TSquared Lab, we put in a lot of thought in allocating the trainers to the clients. We want to ensure that they get a right fitting training who can help you achieve your goal. Francko’s trainer started off with correcting Francko’s form, which enabled him to lift weight with ease, which he was unable to do before joining TSquared Lab. His trainer understood Francko’s capacity to perform and pushed his limits to the point Francko couldn’t believe. As a result, Francko gained weight on his lower body which then looked proportional to his upper body. Francko got a trainer who walked with him through the transformation journey.

4. Francko had a vision of his better version:

Francko’s vision was blurred until he was oblivious to what his body was capable of performing. Trainer’s belief in Francko and helped him clear his doubts and have a clearer vision and version of himself. With losing 8% body fat, Francko doesn’t wish to take a halt there. He further wants to bulk up and restructure himself. That is his new vision of himself which he will achieve with his trainer.

5. Francko learnt the art of making time:

As Francko started training with his trainer, he realised that 45 minutes of dedicated training is all it took to change the way he looks and feels. Making that kind of time was not only beneficial for his body but also to this confidence and overall the way he felt about himself.

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