Grace's Transformation - lost 10 kg weight and 11% body fat

My original goal was to get to 58 kgs, but I am smashing 55 kgs right now and I am further going to smash it down. Weight loss not only makes me look good, but also boosts my confidence.

Grace’s Body Transformation Results
“I have lost about 10 kg body weight and 11% body fat since I have been training with Afshan at TSquared Lab.”

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What is your name, age, and profession?

My name is Grace, I am 31 years old, and I work as a cloud growth manager for a cybersecurity company.

How much weight and body fat have you lost?

So far, I have lost about 10 kg body weight and 11% body fat since I have been training with Afshan at TSquared Lab.

Since Grace started the training, her energy levels are very high
“I have a very stressful job, and I used to have extremely low energy levels, but since I started training, my energy levels are very high.”

What is the best thing that has happened to you after you joined TSquared Lab?

So, since I started training at TSquared Lab, the two best things that I have learnt are consistency and knowledge. And you know with Afshan being there she is always asking me to come 2-3 times a week so that I can keep up with the training, and when I go home, Afshan will always tell me what to eat, and what not to. She tells me what can be added to the diet and what I need to cut down on. And I have really incorporated that essence into my lifestyle, and I think it is really a complete lifestyle change for me.

What’s your driving force in TSquared Lab?

So, I always had a very active lifestyle. I like dancing, I love going out on hiking and all these things. But by the end of the day, it’s really that gym environment and culture that you need because this person (trainer) is accountable for your growth. Sometimes, you know, when you are doing things on your own, you might take a day off, and you might cut some corners somewhere, but with the culture by your side you really must know that you are responsible for yourself, and someone is always encouraging you and motivating you, so I think, that’s really the most important factor. Another thing I want to say is I have always been very active, but I never really achieved the results that I have now outside of TSquared Lab. So, I really encourage everyone to give this a try.

What were the main challenges or struggles before joining TSquared Lab?

I think for me there were two major challenges. One is food, because I really love to eat, and my friends are very social, so we have lunches and dinners every single week. Second challenge is, basically in the beginning I had this misconception of being a bulky girl, but when we started training, I understood that you really don’t get to the bulky part that fast, people work really hard to get to the defined state if you really want that for yourself.

Grace's workouts at TSquared Lab are comprehensive along with compound movements aimed to lose weight
“My workouts at TSquared Lab are comprehensive along with compound movements aimed to lose weight. Afshan adds a few small muscle exercises, to make me realise the presence of those muscles which I feel I don’t use in day-to-day life.”

What was your challenge while training?

While training my biggest challenge was not knowing what to do when you are in a gym environment, and sometimes it can be very daunting especially when you are a beginner, because when you go to a gym, there is so much equipment, and you really don’t know which ones to use. I think having a coach has its own benefits, as they are teaching you the right posture, the right technique, they are helping you where to focus while doing the exercise, so I think by the end of the day, it is important to have someone professional to help you along the journey.

What is your proudest achievement so far in TSquared Lab?

For me it is really the weight loss, my original goal was to reach 58kgs, and so far, I have smashed it, I am currently at 55kgs, and I will continue to smash more goals. Another thing that I have noticed is along with my physical changes, my confidence level has also changed and increased. I have a very stressful job, and I used to have extremely low energy levels, but since I started training, my energy levels are very high. Every day when I get up, I feel pumped up and very energetic and ready to take on whatever my day has to offer.

How are the workouts at TSquared Lab?

Yes, I think the workouts are really comprehensive, so we do a lot of compound movements to help me lose weight and also, we do small muscle exercises, so that I am able to move even those muscles that I do not realize I use in our day to day lives. The accuracy of getting the posture right is the most important, with the coach right there, she tells me this is the part you should be really feeling pressure on. Those are important tips that have helped me in my journey.

Having a personal trainer in front of you while training is very beneficial
“Having a Personal Trainer in front of you while training is very beneficial, as they correct you on your posture, as well as tell you exactly which part of your body must feel pressure. These tips help in progressing in the transformation journey.”

Which body parts are you most proud of right now?

I think for us girls, it is important that we have the abs, the toned shoulders, and the arms, and those are what I have seen changed a lot in me, since I have started working with Afshan.

How has your diet changed?

I think that the food is really the challenge for me, because I eat out a lot, and most of the time I didn’t know what type of food to eat and with the help of Afshan I really changed my diet completely. I used to send her pictures, and she would tell me how many calories there were in my meals, so over time I learned what kind of food is good for my health and my training.

What do your friends and family say about you when they see you?

They are really really surprised, especially the friends that haven’t met me in a long time. For example I met up with a group of friends last week and they were like, Oh my god, we cannot imagine how much weight you have lost.” And they started asking me about my secrets, and how many times I train, and what type of food I eat. And I think there has been a positive reinforcement on my transformation journey.

Would you recommend TSquared Lab? What would you say about your overall view about TSquared Lab?

I really recommend TSquared Lab to all my friends, and my family members who want to give it a try. I think for me it is really that holistic experience, because the training part is really at the core of my transformation, but on top of that I am getting a lot of knowledge about my food, what I should be eating, and how my lifestyle could be changed in different ways. Also, I have tried massages here, which is amazing, and I recommend everyone to do it. Another thing I really like about TSquared Lab is that the culture, and the people around, everyone is friendly, so you really have a good and pleasant experience when you are training, it’s not just like getting in and getting out. Lastly, I really want to thank my coach for bringing me on this journey and changing my life.


1. Grace educated herself:

Grace’s challenge with going to the gym as a beginner was the overwhelming equipment. For someone new to the gym, it gets too much to handle especially when they have little to zero knowledge about how and what to use to achieve their goals. Coach Afshan came to Grace’s rescue, and she taught her the equipment and more importantly the correct posture and technique of using the equipment, to avoid injury and increase effectiveness of the workout.

2. Grace was consistent:

Grace was consistent with listening to every advice Afshan gave her, whether it be on what food to eat, how much to eat, what more to add, etc. to how many times to train a week and at what endurance level to train. These small changes brought in a bigger change for Grace.

3. Grace had support from her Personal Trainer:

Afshan had clear ideas from Grace in terms of her expectation from TSquared Lab. Moreover, her difficulties were even more precise. Therefore, it was pivotal for Afshan to educate Grace on what and how much she can eat, considering her social eating habits. She had to be trained on postures to begin with, to remove the overwhelming feeling when she gets in the gym. Afshan was required to be a friend more than a gym to make Grace comfortable and clarify for misconceptions and then move to the transformation part, by changing to a Coach again. Afshan has supported Grace in every capacity she could to help Grace gain her older confidence with weight loss.

4. Grace’s challenges were well defined:

Grace had complete awareness of her challenges, which made her focus clear. She could pass on the similar clarity of the goals to her Coach, which could then customise a program for Grace. Social eating habits and the misconception of a bulky body due to workout were the major blocks. Furthermore, no knowledge of equipment and posture was an additional barrier. Her Coach resolved one issue at a time, giving her fair understanding of the reality and resolution on certain habits.

5. Grace was keen to train from a fitness facility:

Grace’s thought that training alone at home, doesn’t get discipline and accountability, was true for her and her overview towards fitness. She wanted a gym environment and professional support, which she received from TSquared Lab. She gained a training structure to follow along with the support from Afshan, which brought in the transformation for her.

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