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Group Training

At TSquared Lab, our certified group fitness trainers redefine the concept of group workout sessions with their diverse range of exercises and the ability to deliver maximum results in a group environment.

Our industry fitness leaders ignite you with a bit of light-hearted competition during the group sessions that motivate you to reach your fitness goal faster. Our holistic approach to fitness and energy pumped environment to supercharge your competency, reliability, and determination to transform yourself into your best version.

At TSquared Lab, your total transformation of both mind and body is our only aim and to provide you with the unparalleled transformation experience is our duty. Our fitness experts are the world’s best at delivering both.

We understand that every client is different.

When you train with us, we take all your uniqueness into consideration when we design your transformation program.

You don’t have to compare yourself to other people. You are you. And we can help you be the best version of you.

Getting ready for your transformation

Our comprehensive one-on-one consultation is guided by an exhaustive questionnaire and conducted by our knowledgeable personal trainers. The one-hour free consultation helps us uncover your health status, diet, lifestyle, exercise routines, medical history, motivations, quality of sleep, and more.

Time for transformation!

The one-hour, one-on-one, intensive workout focuses on building large muscle groups and losing stubborn fats at all the right places. We follow a program that consists of two to three sets of workouts to help you quickly build up your chest, arms, back, core, glutes, legs, and more.

Nutrient-rich and calorie-controlled gourmet meals

Our world-class trainers will help you calculate your daily intake of calories based on your goal. The information is passed to our nutrition and diet experts who will design and cook tasty meals following proven nutrition principles.

Recovering your body for more

Recovery can propel or hinder your transformation. Our certified physio and massage therapists have years of experience assessing and managing post-workout muscle recovery, and seek to prepare you for harder training the next day.

Meticulous tracking to understand the big data of you

We take a conscientious data-driven approach to your transformation. Our world-class trainers use in-house fitness app to rigorously and meticulously track every metric of your transformation: exercise, food intake, sleep, stress level, body fat, muscle mass, and everything you can think of.

Sustainable transformation

We care about you both when you are training with us and when you strike out on your own. We are guided by the philosophy that your transformation is a lifelong journey that goes beyond your time with us. We love to be part of your journey.

Ultimate Group Training Programs
For Assured Results


Our expert-designed RIPPED LAB regime is the perfect composite of 6 training approaches - Resistance, Interval, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance, and Dynamic Core. Along with group workout sessions, our certified trainers augment fundamental training techniques and conditioning exercises to your regime and help you acquire core strength and lay the foundation for vigorous training.

At TSquared Lab, we assist you to master the art of fitness with absolute training techniques and knowledge about training methods and equipment. Our trainers make sure that your stubborn fat gets ripped off and help you build muscle in all the right places. Packing our fitness expertise in your training, we aim to prepare you for the ultimate fitness journey.


With the perfect blend of high energy and fast-paced aerobic exercises, the META Lab program redefines the art and science of advanced fitness training. Designed by our group of experienced trainers, our META fitness regimen pushes your body to its metabolic threshold and maximizes fat burn and muscle gain.

Our one-of-a-kind dynamic and superactive exercises improve the efficiency of your body’s metabolism and burn out more calories. Our experts have strategized the META workouts to maximize your metabolic rate and fasten the fat loss rate to get you in shape. The vigorous training from our personal trainers and your sheer will help you stay fit for the long run.


This is the G.O.A.T fitness regimen curated by our world-class trainers who amalgamated agile, balanced, functional, and core-centric workouts into perfection. The Plyometric and Dynamic core exercises invented by our connoisseurs emphasize your vital strength and stability. They target multiple muscles and joints to enhance their strength and endurance.

Our CORE Lab program allows you to venture into the best of both worlds- stability and explosiveness. Our plyometric workouts enable you to exert utmost force in the shortest interval of time. The exercises included in our regimen focus on fortifying your major body muscle and reinforcing your musculoskeletal system quickly but effectively. Our trainers and their full-body workouts give you an excellent teaser of how one-on-one personal training feels.


With this resistance-based LIFT program, our trainers aim to restore and foster your muscles with raw strength and endurance. Our workouts offer a great way to improve your movements, speed, strength, agility, and endurance. They also assist you to achieve a better body posture and alignment.

Using advanced machines paired with proper strength & conditioning workout techniques, TSL provides you with a full-body workout regimen that boosts your metabolism and develops more muscle mass. The LIFT Lab fitness training delivers you utmost and substantial results preparing you to take on further advanced one-to-one training


Ultimate Group Training Programs
For Assured Results

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The TSquared Lab sets itself apart by focusing on total body and mind transformation. No one in the industry does it better than us.

Our science-backed, multifaceted approach ensures maximum and sustainable results that last for a lifetime.

TSquared Eats Meal Prep

Each of our meal plans are anchored to a specific health and transformation goal. Designed by expert nutritionists and experienced chefs, our meal plans are synonymous to balance nutrition and calorie controlled eating.

TSquared Physiotherapy

Our highly experienced team of therapists in Physiotherapy, Clinical and Sports Massage, Recover, Trigger Point and Stretch Therapy work together to provide a unique multi disciplined, revolutionary approach.

TSquared Pilates

Our experienced team of Pilates practitioners provide Pilates reformer and Pilates mat based workouts for all your individual needs in our spacious studio with the latest equipment. We are committed to helping you achieve a stronger, healthier, and happier version of yourself.

TSquared Lab Online Training

Experience the most effective online personal training program in the world. To help busy, time-constrained men and women like you achieve a stunning, life-changing transformation.

TSquared Lab Group Training

Our certified group fitness trainers redefine the concept of group workout sessions with their diverse range of exercises and the ability to deliver maximum results in a group environment.

TSquared Learn

Learn from our health experts that are here to give you expert advice and facts that sharpen not only your mind but also help you improve your health.



TSquared Lab Blog

Empower yourself with valuable resources covering training, nutrition, mental well-being, and expert advice, empowering you to address your unique health needs.

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