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Getting into the habit of regular exercise takes more than pushing your limits physically once or twice; more importantly, it requires mental commitment and toughness.

It’s time to give yourself a chance to build some solid lifelong habits and invest in your overall health. But fear not, TSquared Lab has a proven record in helping clients manage chronic health issues and improve all health markers that you care about.

The benefits of exercise

Studies have shown that when you exercise vigorously, your body releases endorphins into your bloodstreams. Endorphin is known as a happiness hormone, and can be accompanied by a positive and energising outlook on life.

That is also why a lot of the world’s CEOs and leaders start their day with a thirty-minute workout. It fills them with energy and a sense of invincibility for whatever the day will bring.

Regular exercise has been shown to have many health benefits, for both your body and your mind.

Myths about exercise

  • I have to do intense exercise in order to be in good health. There are many forms of exercise you can participate in, depending on your preference. They all come packed with different benefits for your body.
  • Weight training will make me look muscular. Only if you want to look that way! Moderate weight training is a great way to strengthen and tone muscles while improving your overall health.
  • I have old injuries so I shouldn’t exercise too much. First of all, exercise helps strengthen the muscles around the injured area, so you are less likely to sustain the same injury again in the future. Second, workout-related injuries are often due to the wrong posture. So make sure you have a professional nearby guiding you when you are doing strength training.
  • I can eat whatever I want if I exercise enough. Diet is a huge part of your overall health. Regardless if you are exercising a lot or not, you should make sure you are taking in healthy food and the right nutrients.
  • I’m too old to do any strength training. It’s never too late to start! There are a lot of people who only get into weight training later in life, with the goal to strengthen muscles and prevent chronic diseases.

Health benefits of regular exercise

Simply going for regular walks reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke by 31%. Being active for 11 minutes a day after the age of 40 can add 1.8 years to your life expectancy.

Strength training can improve muscle strength and endurance, slowing down muscle decline and providing stability to the joints.

Regular exercise can help improve your heart health. For people with high blood pressure, exercise can lower their risk of strokes.

Strength training and aerobic exercise both help to lower insulin resistance. People with diabetes who exercise two hours a week are less likely to die of heart disease than their sedentary counterparts.

Guided strength training by a professional is shown to help people with backache or a slipped disc build stronger back muscles and lessen their chances of a relapse.

Exercise increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue.

While cancer weakens the immune system, a single bout of exercise produces a flood of defender immune cells.

Exercise is known to improve brain health, delaying or slowing down dementia.

Exercise spurs the release of proteins called neurotrophic or growth factors, which cause nerve cells to grow and make new connections. As a result of improved connections in your hippocampus, you are likely to feel better.

People who engage in 30 minutes of exercise tend to have better sleep quality that particular night.

Exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy weight and preventing obesity.

Exercise can improve your life expectancy. Studies suggest that 30 minutes of exercise on most days can reduce the risk of premature death by up to 70 percent.

How can we help you?

  1. We understand your history
    We start by getting to know your body and its history. Did you sustain any injuries before? How’s your diet like for the last few years? How active are you? Do you have any history of diseases running in your family?

    With all these questions answered, we want to understand your fitness goal and how quickly you’d like to achieve it. From there we will design a program that is personalised for just you.
  2. We track everything
    It is important that you can visualise your progress, so we aim to track everything on your fitness journey, from weight, measurements, muscle mass, fat percentage, to more.

    Our coaches also check in on you constantly to make sure you are eating right and getting enough sleep, as the things you do outside of gym are as important for attaining your goal.
  3. Tweak your diet
    To maximise your results from the gym, you must augment your training with the right diet. Eating the wrong types of food can be detrimental to your fitness goals.

    Depending on your objective, you need to consume either more or less calories. But not all calories are the same. We will teach you the science of a balanced meal and macronutrients.
  4. A holistic and sustainable transformation program
    We can help you improve your overall health with our unique, multi-faceted approach targeting different areas in your body. Combining strength training, nutritious meals, recovery sessions, and mindfulness training, our transformation program sets you on a healthy and sustainable journey to achieving lifelong health.

Start your transformation journey
with us today...

Transformation spotlight

Disciplined, commitment, dedication.

One takeaway Joan took from the Pandemic was to concentrate on herself and her health, and that nothing is important than a healthy lifestyle.

Achieve incredible results, like this. With her personal trainers’ guidance, Joan worked around her busy schedule to train and learn the right nutrition strategies helping her reach this result. She’s never felt and looked so good. Now her colleagues visit TSquared Lab and ask us "what you have done with Joan, she has transformed so much".

It is amazing what consistency and accountability can achieve when combined with science-based principles

At one point, Francko was incredibly skinny, but then gained a lot of weight. The trainer then sculpted and conditioned his body to where it is now. Being able to deadlift 140kg was his proudest moment. His biggest takeaway was the techniques and being pushed by his trainer to the next level mentally and physically. Something he wasn’t able to do solo.

Francko says and we quote "With Haikal's motivation and guidance, I achieved 140kg deadlift. After achieving something like that I realized that there is no limit to what you can do, as long as you have the right person and the right gym to be able to make you actually achieve your dreams"

Transformation Results

No excuses, great results.


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