Joan's Transformation - Body Fat reduced from 30% to 17%

My biggest take away from Pandemic was that health comes first and that I need to seek professional help. With TSquared Lab I lost 10 kgs and body fat percentage was reduced from 30 to 17.

Joan's Body Transformation Journey
“I feel the training program was designed and tailor-made, just for myself and to suit my fitness goals.”

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Can you share your Name, Age and Profession?

Hi, I am Joan, crossed 50 years, and I am a human resource professional

How much weight and body fat have you lost?

I have lost 10 kgs and my body fat percentage was down from 30 plus to below 17.

Training made Joan feel energetic and more confident
“I noticed the change in my body immediately. Training made me feel energetic and more confident especially after a few sessions with Afshan.”

What made you sign up for TSquared Lab?

One take away from the pandemic to me, that I should look after myself and a healthy lifestyle is more important than anything else. That’s why I signed up for TSquared Lab.

What were the main challenges, struggles before you signed up for TSquared Lab?

I had massive struggles. I still remember the two-month lockdown in Singapore, last year right from April to June, cannot go anywhere, and more than 10 hours a day, sitting at the desk, staring at the screen and work, nonstop work. I feel ear pain, neck pain, can’t do anything else, I tried a few exercises but that didn’t work out. So, that’s why I feel I should do something else. I needed to seek professional advice not only to work out but also for food and nutrition.

How would you describe the training program, design specially for you at TSquared Lab?

The training program is fantastic, awesome. I feel the plan was designed and it was tailor-made, just for myself. So, after a few sessions, Afshan realised specifically where I need to start with, and where’s strength in my body, and where specifically she needed to pay more attention to in training. So, she designed a training program for her, and made me progress and pushed me up and at the same time looked out for me, so make sure I don't get injured. I am very happy for that.

How long before you started noticing the changes in your body?

I noticed changes, right away, right away. It made me feel energetic and more confident especially after a few sessions with Afshan.

Afshan designed a training program for Joan, and made her progress and pushed her up
“Afshan designed a training program for me, and made me progress and pushed me up and at the same time looked out for me, so make sure I don't get injured.”

How has your coach helped you along the journey?

My coach, is amazing. She pushes me up to my limits, almost every session she would be like Joan, “Give me one more, you can do it”, at the same time she knew which area to pay more attention to, saying “Joan hold on, hold on, don’t do it. So, every progress I make feels so fantastic. And also, not only workout, but she also gives me a lot of guidance on food intake that is a critical part for me as well.

How is the gym and the culture of the gym?

When I walk in the gym, every time, I feel so welcomed. Like Lilian, the receptionist says good morning, Joan, do you need tea or drinks? And I feel the energy of this gym in each corner. Every person I come across, they are very professional, genuine, they care for people, they care for clients.

What about your friends and family, have they noticed such dramatic change and what are they saying?

My friends say, “Wow Joan, what happened to you? How did you make this happen?”, I say yeah come with me to Singapore.

Earlier Joan used to start her day with coffee and now she starts with a workout at TSquared Lab
“TSquared Lab is my source of energy and energy booster to me. Earlier I used to start my day with coffee and now I start with a workout at TSquared Lab. It is also a source of confidence booster as well.”

What would you say to other people, why they should join TSquared Lab?

I tried all services of TSquared Lab, not only training but also, food, stretching and Yoga. I feel all the four pillars operate independently by professionals but also it is mutual, integrated, or mutually connected. For example, after my stretching session, Nadzri the stretching master tell Afshan, “Hey Afshan, you need to pay a little more attention because her back is a little bit painful, because of long hours tasks at work. So, next time you need to blah blah blah.” And also, Afshan, ask Natz, “Hey, why don’t you look at Joan, what happened to her and tell me”

What was the proudest moment for you?

My friends and family, talking to Coach Afshan about my transformation.

How do you describe your relationship with your Coach?

Our relationship started as client and trainer, but now we are more like best friends.

Will you recommend TSquared Lab to friends and family?

TSquared Lab is my source of energy and energy booster to me. Earlier I used to start my day with coffee and now I start with a workout at TSquared Lab. It is also a source of confidence booster as well.


1. Joan educated herself:

The Pandemic was an eye-opener for Joan, and she took the first step towards taking care of her health under the guidance of a Personal Trainer at TSquared Lab. During her training, she learnt about her body limitation, vital nutrition requirement, recovery process and the importance of recovery in bringing in any kind of transformation. Joan applied the knowledge she gained from TSquared Lab in her day-to-day training and was able to transform herself into a better version.

2. Joan was consistent:

Joan’s dedication was one of the key aspects in her successful transformation. She regularly trained herself. For her TSquared Lab became the source of her energy and that was only possible because she showed up for her training as per her schedule and followed the program to the T. Her consistent approach towards betterment of her health, gave her confidence and made her feel energetic. And along with these changes, other friends, and family notice the change in her physique too.

3. Joan had support from her Personal Trainer:

Joan’s trainer Afshan carefully considered Joan’s age and skillfully designed a program respecting Joan’s body limitations. Her tremendous knowledge on nutrition, led Joan to eating clean food and seeing the impact on her body. Afshan’s attention towards Joan’s form during training, enabled them to avoid any over exaggeration of workouts. She distinguished when Joan needed to train and when she needed the stretching and physiotherapy sessions.

4. Joan had a clear goal in her mind:

Pandemic and sedentary work lifestyle, led to making health Joan’s priority. She had a clear goal in mind, and she headed in the right direction to train with the guidance of a professional. This clarity helped her avoid any sort of injury while training on her own.

5. Joan was positive about the change she wanted in herself:

At the age of over 50, Joan decided to step into a fitness facility and do what others might feel is impossible. She had a positive mindset which made her transformation journey further easier. She adhered to all the changes pertaining to food and training her trainer recommended to her.

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