Melissa’s Transformation: Lost 5% Body Fat while Gained 3 kg Muscle

In my time with TSquared Lab, I have gained more muscle definition in both my biceps and triceps. And now I also see more defined obliques.

Melissa’s Fitness Transformation
“I feel the training program was designed and tailor-made, just for me and to suit my fitness goals.”

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What is your name, age and profession?

My name is Melissa, I am 35 this year and I work in the construction industry.

Melissa has lost 5% of body fat and gained 3 kg of muscle
“My overall body weight is still the same, but I have lost about 5% body fat and I also gained about 3 Kg of muscles. And this happened only after I had a tailored training program from TSquared Lab.”

How is your fitness journey here at TSquared Lab?

Since I have come here, I have lost fat and gained muscles,, so my overall body weight is still the same, but I have lost about 5% body fat and I also gained about 3 Kg of muscles.

How does your body look different now?

Previously, before I did any form of strength training, my body was flabbier, I had a belly, and my arms were also flabby, but ever since I started working out here, I have gained more muscle definition in both my biceps, my triceps. And I can see more defined obliques now as well.

Apart from improving my overall strength and toning up, I notice improvement in my running as well
“I run marathons, so, apart from improving my overall strength and toning up, I notice improvement in my running as well, next I want to improve my running time for both half and full marathon.”

What made you want to join TSquared Lab?

I have been training with Coach Danial for two years and I think that he really understands my needs and he customises my strength training program according to what I want. He will ask me what my fitness goals are. For example, when I tell him that I am running a half marathon or full marathon, he’ll customise my training plan accordingly so I feel that I have grown a lot with him. That is why I also came with him when he moved here. I am also really impressed by this space here as well, I really like it a lot, the space is quite big and the people here are quite friendly as well.

What were your main struggles with health and diet before you started training?

Before I trained with Danial my strength was really very poor, I remember when I first started training with him, he was quite stunned as I couldn’t even lift an empty bench press machine, so I really wanted to improve on that. Also because I am a runner, I run quite regularly about 4-5 times a week. So, before I started training with Danial, I had problems when I ran, and I often had running injuries like shin splints. I would sometimes fall down every few months. But after starting strength training, I realised that both my calves and muscles improved and I stopped falling so much and getting shin splints and injuries. So, I think that really helped me quite a lot.

Trainer Danial helped Melissa achieved her fitness goals
“After seeing the transformation in my body, I will surely recommend people with similar fitness goals to join TSquared Lab. Here, you will improve your strength in a home-like ambience with professional and experienced trainers.”

How is the workout here at TSquared Lab?

So, I had a full-body workout because I see Danial once a week, so every time I go to TSquared Lab, we do a full-body workout, which covers everything from deadlifts to squats to all the hanging. Danial puts me on a flexible dieting plan so that I am able to enjoy my food within the macros and calories that he sets for me. Furthermore, I really like the space here because it feels really big and there are not a lot of people around. It's not too crowded; it feels almost like my own private gym, and the staff here is very friendly; every time I come in, they are always smiling and greeting me. So, I really like the vibes here.

What is next for you in terms of fitness and health?

Other than toning up and improving my strength and in general, being able to lift heavier weights, I also hope to improve my personal best in my running; I hope to improve my timing in both my half marathon and full marathon, and I hope that the strength conditioning that Danial gives me here will help me do that.

Would you recommend TSquared Lab to your friends and family?

I would recommend TSquared Lab to your friends and family who are interested in body transformation and improving their strength, and also if they want a place that feels like a second home.

What would you share about your relationship with your trainer?

Danial is an amazing trainer. We have quite a good Coach-client relationship whereby he knows exactly when to push my limits and when to stop. I also like to accept every challenge that he throws at me. Even if I think I can’t do it, I will still try it anyway then he will always be like don't worry, if you fall or anything I’ll catch you and I’ll be there to support you so, I think that’s very comforting. With Danial around, I’m not afraid to try harder and just try everything that he throws at me and I think that's how I will improve.


1. Melissa educated herself:

Melissa is a marathon runner. She regularly participates in half and full marathons. Due to shin splints, Melissa would fall while running. When she started training with Danial, he explained to her how she could avoid the fall and what kind of training she needed to adapt in order to strengthen her muscles and calves, which would eliminate the fall from her running routine. Along with training came nutrition. Melissa learned that she could eat everything in proportion and within the macros and calories that Danial set for her.

2. Melissa was consistent:

Melissa was consistent in training her body as per the goals she had set for herself. She trained with Danial once a week and continued her running routine 3–4 times a week. One-week of impactful training with Danial improved her running routine with stronger calves and muscles and reduced injuries.

3. Melissa had support from her Personal Trainer:

When Melissa was training with Danial, she trusted Danial’s experience and ability to bring about transformation for her. Danial, for her, is someone who knows exactly what he is doing. The confidence Danial carries comes with experience and results from a well-planned and executed training program. Danial had thorough communication with Melissa and made alterations to her program as and when she had small milestones to achieve.

4. Melissa was open to any endurance level when it came to training:

Melissa was training at TSquared Lab once a week, and therefore it was even more necessary to induce as much endurance in her training as possible. In her session with Danial, he made her do squats, sometimes deadlifts, and sometimes he made her hand go to the bar to increase her arm strength. Even though the level of difficulty increased, Melissa stayed committed and kept her eye on the bigger reward.

5. Melissa never let her dream go:

Running Marathons was her recurring goal. To live that dream and to further enhance it, she needed to train more with a professional trainer. Her dream led her to train with TSquared Lab, and all her training goals were set around running the marathon. TSquared Lab became a catalyst for Melissa to make her dream come true.

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