Olja's Transformation - How she gain muscle back and lose body fat

Since TSquared Lab I look different, more confident and my energy level has improved which makes her feel alive

Oija’s Body Transformation Result
“After Training with Dimitar, I have lost about 7-8% body fat”

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Introduce yourself and tell us about yourself.

Hi, my name is Olja, I am 32 and I am an English and Spanish teacher.

Olja's training program was a combo of strength and high intensity workout and was designed to match her individual needs
“My training program was a combo of strength and high intensity workout and was designed to match my individual needs.”

What made you sign up for the TSquared Lab program?

After the coronavirus I had some health issues and overall, my health went downturn, so I decided to sign up because I want to lose not only body weight, but also to gain my muscle back and lose excessive body fat.

What are the changes you have seen in yourself after joining TSquared Lab?

My body fat went down by about 7-8 %, and I looked different and more confident, and I noticed a huge improvement in my energy level, and I felt more alive.

What kind of program has Dimi designed for you?

The program that Dimi designed for me was very close to my individual needs, it was a combo of strength and high intensity drills. So, I didn’t have to lose time doing cardio.

TSquared Lab is a place for inside out transformation and Dimitar is the best coach to train with
“TSquared Lab is a place for inside out transformation and Dimitar is the best coach to train with.”

What do you think about your Coach?

I think Dimitar’s passion for fitness made this whole journey a lot more exciting and fun, sometimes when I was not feeling like pushing hard enough, he was always here to remind me of how capable I am.

What do you think of TSquared Lab?

The whole atmosphere at TSquared lab is another story that you should experience. The interior is so cosy, and you can easily spend half of your day training, working, and eating.

Would you recommend TSquared Lab to your friends and family?

I won’t hesitate, I highly recommend TSquared Lab, if you are looking for an inside out transformation and be part of our family and Dimi is the best coach.


1. Olja educated herself:

Olja’s self-awareness about her health help and the support from her trainer, helped her learn more and right information on health recovery. Her training was combined with the quality nutrition which helped her get healthier. She gained knowledge on proper days off from training which helps repair the muscle wear and tear caused during the strenuous training.

2. Olja accepted the program:

Olja is an English and Spanish Teacher, which limits her morning training time. Therefore, Dimitar had to design a program which would give maximum results in the short time she spent at TSquared Lab. She accepted the program as it is. And trained under Dimi’s guidance to get the results she was hoping for.

3. Olja had support from her Personal Trainer:

Olja followed the training program tailored by her personal trainer. Dimitar understood how Olja functioned and pushed her to the limits when necessary. He made it a point that Olja’s health issues are decreased through her training and nutrition. Therefore, he added a combination of strength training and high intensity workouts to get maximum results.

4. Olja was aware of her issues:

Self awareness can be a huge trigger in transforming into a better self. Olja was aware of her health issues post pandemic, which helped her take the right steps at the right time.

5. Olja trained regularly:

Olja’s training program and the changes she was seeing from it gave her the extra boost to train consistently. More regular she was, the more changes she could witness. 7% drop in body fat, gave her an extra push to be further more committed than she earlier was.

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