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Pilates Reformer and Matwork

Restore your core, realign your posture, rebuild your strength and retrain your flexibility with Pilates Reformer and matwork.

Our services include clinical pilates, pre and post natal, golf performance, dance conditioning and general strength, mobility and core through private, duet, trio and intimate group classes.

Whether you’re a Pilates addict or you’re just getting started, book a first time trial session in our beautiful studio at Alexandra to get started on your Pilates journey with us today.

*Mandarin & Japanese Instructor available.

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Our Specialities

Clinical Pilates focuses on your specific needs or injuries. It’s suitable for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery.

Both pre natal and post natal Pilates work on your pelvic floor, core, and whole body, in the preparation for, or restoration after, childbirth.

Private one on one, duet and trio classes are suitable for all body shapes, sizes and ages to work on your core, strength and flexibility.

Pilates for golfers will improve your performance, prevent or rehabilitate common golf injuries, from repetitive movements.

Pilates lays the foundations of strength, muscle and coordination for the dance art, vital to the success of dancer’s careers.

Restore & maintain functional independence and health in older adults. Improve bone density, posture, mobility and strength with low impact.

Led By Our Pilates Team

Our highly experienced team of practitioners with a unique multi disciplined, revolutionary approach, to your body.

Chris Chua - Senior Pilates Practitioner, and Sports Massage *

Chris Chua

Senior Pilates Practitioner

Jean ho - Senior Pilates Practitioner

Jean ho

Senior Pilates Practitioner

Karyn - Pilates Instructor


Junior Pilates Practitioner

Stacey Hartley - Pilates Instructor


Pilates Practitioner

Bennie - Pilates Instructor


Pilates Practitioner

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Hear it from our clients

Listen to their personal stories.

There is only one goal in mind for us: getting you the results you desire.

It is extremely important to us that you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible, and acquire the necessary knowledge to continue marching on in your transformation journey. And with so many success stories, we know you can do it! If you don’t believe us, hear what our clients have to say.

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Our Locations

Our Locations

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Nearest MRT: Labrador Park
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Phone: +65 6970 8510
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TSquared Lab Raffles Place

30 Raffles Place, #22F, Singapore 048622

Nearest MRT: Raffles Place
Phone: +65 8784 4800
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