Rajit's Transformation - How he Rehabilitated from Back Pain

Training at TSquared Lab relieved me from a debilitating spine injury pain between L4 and L5; which made my day-to-day activities difficult to perform.

Rajit's Body Transformation Journey
“Through this Tailored training program, I take away the learning about the correct form and posture.”

Read Rajit’s Transformation Journey

Introduce yourself and tell us about yourself.

I am Rajit, 28 years old, and I came to Singapore for a few weeks to do an exchange program in NUS and right now I am at TSquared Lab to get better and get healthier. I came in with a back pain that was pretty debilitating and one of my main goals was to improve my health and Henry here suggested that we could also transform you aesthetically, so I set that as another personal goal.

Before coming to Singapore, I used to actually train at a CrossFit gym and even before that I used to train personally by myself through the help of some friends who were also working out. And while working out I injured myself and that was the first instance of pain that I really felt, and I was able to recover as I was younger as well and the more, I worked out the chances for injury increased, because I wasn’t aware of the right way to work out and because of this I created a nerve issue on the lower part of my spine. If you guys know about the spine, it is between L4 and L5 and that spine injury has been really affecting me and my day-to-day lifestyle. And I decided that it was high time that I went to somebody who really knew about this and, as you may or may not know Henry also had a similar injury and I thought he was one of the best people to get in touch with and see how he is able to manage his pain and how he is able to continue working out, continue staying fit while also having a similar situation as mine.

My core and glutes and hams weren’t strong enough, which further affected my lower back.
“My core and glutes and hams weren’t strong enough, which further affected my lower back.”

Were you apprehensive when you were about to start?

A little bit, but the first day itself my pain was pretty evident to Henry, with the way I was working out, the level of pain I was in, and he took it upon himself to go ahead and train me into a healthier person, it’s been great since then. I am quite a bit nimbler now and I really appreciate the work that we went through, especially something that I can take home with me as the learning that I get from each work out, the correct form, the correct posture, and I think that’s something that’s very important that I didn’t have before coming to TSquared Lab.

What training did you get for the back pain?

So, to start off, what Henry suggested for the first few days was literally no weights, no nothing, just understanding how my body works. He was able to quickly gauge that I had an issue with lower spine and the issue was also because of factors such as my core wasn’t strong enough, my glutes and hams weren’t strong enough. So, the first thing he suggested was glute ham raises and immediately I was able to feel the recovery process right away. It’s something like, just by doing the glute ham raises itself, I was able to realise that “wow, this guy really knows what he is talking about”, because the level of relief that I was getting by doing this was tremendous. And that really solidified my confidence in continuing with TSquared.

The first thing my coach Henry suggested was, glute ham raises and immediately I was able to feel the recovery process right away.
“The first thing my Coach Henry suggested was, Glute Ham Raises and immediately I was able to feel the recovery process right away.”

Did you guys do anything afterwards to strengthen the muscles?

Yeah, definitely after the first couple of sessions in the first week I was able to get an understanding. He gave me a set of homework to do. He told me to follow a diet plan. He also came with me to the Hawker Centres to choose what food to buy. That’s the level of personal service that you will not really get, at least I have never got in my life. And that is something I really do appreciate. In addition to that of course, we started moving to heavier and heavier things to do.

How has your journey with TSquared Lab been?

Like I said earlier, I came to Singapore for a few weeks with a very bad spine pain and now after three weeks, I have lost 3 kgs weight, 4% body fat and most importantly the spine pain. My time at TSquared Lab has been educational and full of gratitude and commitment. I now know the importance of correct form, posture and workouts suitable to my body. I have learnt to take things slow when recovering from certain conditions and take things step by step to eradicate them from the root. The education given to me by Coach Henry is solid and I know what I need to do here after. I am grateful to TSquared Lab for partnering me with Coach Henry and even more thankful to Coach Henry who supported me throughout this time.


1. Rajit had a Coach to take care of him:

When Rajit came to TSquared Lab, he was partnered up with a Coach, which understood the nature and complication of Rajit’s Spine injury. Coach Henry himself had lower back pain many years ago. So, there was immediately a personal connection with Rajit. The level of service was so high that Coach Henry helped Rajit choose the suitable food from the supermarket. He understood how an aggravating pain can make simple day-to-day chores the most difficult to perform. Coach Henry did not rush into complicated workouts, knowing the intensity of Rajit’s pain. He started slow and steady and gradually increased the intensity of training making Rajit stronger and fitter than before.

2. Rajit educated himself:

Rajit explained his injury and pain in detail to his Coach. Coincidently Coach Henry had a similar injury therefore he could relate to Rajit on a personal level. A strategic training plan was chalked out for Rajit and he followed to the T. During this training Rajit was educated on the root cause of his injury, the workouts which will relieve him of the pain and set him on the recovery path, nutrition which will be an essential part in his recovery. Rajit understood and learnt everything that could get him closer to getting healthier and fitter.

3. Rajit was regular:

Rajit was in Singapore for a few weeks on an exchange program, which meant he knew he didn’t have much time. Therefore, maintaining consistency became a part of his commitment with TSquared Lab. With his Coach’s guidance, he changed his mindset about the injury and changed his diet to better nutritious food. His commitment, consistency and trust on the Coach delivered the results he had set for himself.

4. Rajit listened to his trainer:

At the beginning of the training Coach Henry asked Rajit to start with Glute Ham Raises and Rajit immediately felt relief in his back and knew how knowledgeable the Coach was. With progression in training, a bond of trust was built between them and therefore following the instructions given by the Coach was easier and rewarding.

5. Rajit invested in himself:

Rajit had a customised training program with specific workout routine and specific diet advice. He invested in himself with this program and started working towards improving with each workout. He started monitoring the positive changes in his body and lower back pain, which further motivated him to continue with TSquared Lab.

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