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Our unique Recover Therapy includes facilitated stretch, osteopathic mobilisation, deep tissue sports massage, muscle energy techniques, assisted soft tissue mobilisation, cupping and rehabilitation.

Our Senior Sports Therapist will assess your physical needs and recommend the most appropriate treatments for your body.

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Techniques used in Recover Therapy

Assisted stretching

Assisted stretching stimulates and prepares the muscle fibres for better utilization during your workouts via reducing muscle tension and increasing movement in that particular area. It results in reduced risk of injuries and better performance during your training as well as shorter recovery time after. Work with our stretch therapists if you experience symptoms such as muscle tightness and restricted mobility that might impact your training progress or even your day-to-day activities.


Massage therapy helps manage a range of ailments, especially chronic issues with the neck, back, and lower body. Our qualified therapists aim to help alleviate and manage your symptoms while addressing the root cause, so you can focus on your training without worrying about if your body is able to take it.

Deep Tissue Massage Cupping

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine that uses suction with cups to regulate blood flow and treat pain and inflammation. As it is an active deep tissue targeted technique, cupping is a great aid for people who have a lot of tightness in their muscles. Additionally, it is an excellent way to get the flow of Qi in your body to the right balance and feel well relaxed and rejuvenated.

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Who Can Benefit

The goal of our therapy is to help pretty much everyone! It doesn't matter whether you're very active or sedentary. A marathon runner or a body builder. 18 years old or 70 years old. Whenever you need some time to yourself or a little bit of relaxation, on a day when you are recovering, or if you are feeling stiff is a good time for our therapy. These techniques we use are also used by some of the world’s top athletes to keep them in competition shape.

Our Recover Therapy allows you to recover while simultaneously improving your physical performance. It’s crucial to focus on reducing recovery times, protecting your body from injuries, and reducing soreness. It will improve your range of motion and flexibility and optimise your body.

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What are the Benefits

Enhanced overall athletic performance

With a proper stretching routine, we can improve your range of motion and flexibility over time, making everyday tasks easier and improving your quality of life.

Stretching relieves muscle tension, reduces pain in sore areas and joints, as well as aids in injury and pain prevention.

Stretching for proper alignment and balance improves overall posture and allows you to stand taller.

Activate key muscle groups and increase range of motion.

Reduce stiffness and soreness and get back to your normal routine sooner.

Improve longevity and reduce joint stress.

Stretching benefits both your physical and mental health, since it improves your blood flow and oxygen flow, which results in improved mental clarity.

Long periods of sitting slow blood and lymph circulation, causing stagnation in the legs and feet, which in turn causes the heart to raise blood pressure to move oxygenated blood around the body. Over time, this strains the cardiovascular system, and your doctor may prescribe medication to thin the blood and lower blood pressure. Our research has shown that regular stretching sessions have many of the same health benefits as exercise, including improving blood and lymphatic flow to reduce heart strain, as well as reducing puffiness in the ankles and feet.

The muscular compensations and imbalances we pick up through bad posture and repetitive activities can be ironed out with regular practise of our therapy, improving your mechanics and alleviating pain and joint stiffness!

Road map to recovery

Each client is unique to us, and with this mind we will build your Recover Therapy program around your body and your goals.


Talk to our experience therapist to know more about your body issues. Getting the right advice can make all the difference to your performance and recovery, which is why we do a consult before we begin our one off sessions or a longer term recovery regime.


Our experience therapist will go in depth to know what issues you’re facing and ensure that we address any question you may have and also explain how we will approach your issues.


You will receive a personalized Recovery Program tailored specifically to your needs. We'll examine your physical condition and create a recovery plan that includes passive, active-assistive, dynamic stretches, cupping, and deep tissue massage to reach your goals.


You'll leave feeling great, with our personalised treatments for your journey with us. Get the right mix of stretching out stiff and tired muscles and a deep tissue massage to soothe away all your aches and pains leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Our experts have years of experience, and they will take you through a personalised Recover Therapy experience using the recommended combination of techniques for your body.

Choose from a 45- or 60-minute Recover Therapy session with our senior sports therapist who will work with you to achieve a higher sense of relaxation, performance, and recovery. Regardless of your age or activity level, you will feel the lasting benefits from every session.


Senior Sports Therapist
Recover Therapy


Listen to the stories that back our recover therapies.

There is only one goal in mind for us: getting you the results you desire.

It is extremely important to us that you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible, and acquire the necessary knowledge to continue marching on in your transformation journey. And with so many success stories, we know you can do it! If you don’t believe us, hear what our clients have to say.

Puts In Buts

Excellent stretch! Therapist provided with in-depth explanation on every exercise or stretch made. Very knowledgeable and he targets areas where i feel strain and tension. My whole body feel quite relieved and relaxed after just 1 session! Highly recommended to anyone that needs a good stretch or on route to recovery!

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Tiago Alves

Had an amazing assisted stretch session followed by a cupping treatment. Really recommend it!!!

Muhd Nur Alimin

Came across this place through a close friend.. I decided to try out a 1hr physical therapy session. It was worth it as after the session my body feel more relaxed. I would definately come for more sessions in the future.

Richard Sheng

Nadz is amazing! Recovery therapy and stretching works and a must for all the athletes in any kind of workout or training that push yourself to the limit. First encounter with Nadz, he fixed my long term lower back soreness and pain, ankle problem and swelling.

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Vanessa Manichon

I've been suffering from a chronic back and shoulder pain for the last twenty years and have been trying to treat it with almost everything (massages, acupuncture, gua sha, Dr Stretch, etc.). After these treatments, I usually get a "feel good feeling" for a short while, then the pain returns back full swing... I was recommended to T2 Lab's physical therapy and did my first session with Nadzri on Oct 2021.

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Syuq Syuqairi

Had a great stretching session and my body feel better after that. A much needed stretching after going through physical activities for the past few months. Recommended to stretch with Nadzri the stretching therapist! Will definitely go again!

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