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Our highly experienced team of therapists and practitioners in Physiotherapy, Clinical and Sports Massage, Recover, Trigger Point and Stretch Therapy work together to provide a unique multi disciplined, revolutionary approach, to your body.

Here at TSquared Physiotherapy we can take you from injury to optimum performance with our holistic team of health and fitness professionals. Out therapies will benefit you if you are suffering with mild or acute aches and pains that are impacting your day to day life, or if you’re looking to take your performance to the next level.

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How Can TSquared Physiotherapy Help You Achieve Optimal Health

At TSquared Physiotherapy we help you to restore, maintain, and optimise your mobility, function, and well-being. We understand that every individual is unique and requires a personalized approach to treatment.

Trust us to help you get back to doing what you love, pain-free.


Our Physiotherapy treatment restores, maintains, and optimises your mobility, function, and well-being.

Various treatment methods are utilized by our physiotherapists, including

  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Post-op rehabilitation
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Electrical stimulation (TENS and NMES)
  • Dry needling
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Massage Therapists

Our massage therapy treatment can help to alleviate tightness and pain, and leave you feeling refreshed, lighter and free to be.

Various treatment methods are utilized by our massage therapists, including

  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
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Stretch Therapists

Our stretch therapy treatment help reduce muscle tightness or restricted mobility that impacts your training progress or day to day activities.

Various treatment methods are utilized by our stretch therapists, including

  • Assisted Stretching
  • Sports Massage
  • Mobilisation
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Rehabilitation Therapist

Our recover therapy treatment is designed to knead and manipulate muscles and soft tissues, promoting rehabilitation and optimising performance.

Various treatment methods are utilized by our rehabilitation therapist, including

  • Active Isolted Stretch
  • Dynamic Body Stretch
  • Fascial Stretch
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Our Physiotherapy treatments include

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Using a hands-on approach, musculoskeletal physiotherapy treats all conditions relating to bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Commonly used for neck and back issues, and sprains.

Post-op rehabilitation

A post surgery treatment plan will restore your joint motion, rebuild your muscle and optimise your movement enabling you to recover faster with good form, and reduce the risk of long term issues.

Clinical massage

Focusing on the problem areas, clinical massage will release the tight muscles, tendons and ligaments, often used in preparation for electrical stimulation and manual adjustments.

Sports Physiotherapy

The evaluation, treatment, and maintenance of sports injuries and the optimisation of your body will enable you to perform at your best. We work with professional athletes, sports teams, and weekend warriors.

Electrical stimulation

Mild electrical pulses are used to mimic signals from the nervous system targeting muscles or nerves. Repeated stimulation can re-train the muscles' response to the body’s natural signals, improve blood flow and help to repair injured muscles.

Dry needling

Dry needling involves the use of a sterile, fine filament needle inserted into areas of the muscles known as the trigger point. These trigger points are often hyperirritable spots that induce a local twitch response.

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Who Can Benefit

Physiotherapy can benefit anyone suffering from aches and pains which are usually caused by misalignment and malfunctioning of the body.

Some common injuries that we see include neck, back, shoulder and knee pain, tennis elbow, headaches, hip and glute pain, planta fasciitis and sciatica in all types of people.

Physiotherapy can benefit everyone, it’s not just for athletes. We will find the root cause of your aches and pains and work with you on a personal treatment plan and teach you how to sustain and maintain it yourself..

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What are the Benefits

This benefit is the one most associated with physical therapy. Physiotherapists can reduce patients' pain levels and prevent pain from returning by using therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques. Other treatments include joint and soft tissue mobilization, taping, and even electrical stimulation.

It is clear that this benefit is not applicable to every situation that requires surgery: physiotherapy cannot fix an inflamed appendix or a heart valve defect. However, physical therapy can reduce pain and assist in healing in cases of muscle damage, possibly eliminating surgery altogether. In addition, even when surgery is required, physiotherapy can help ensure a speedy recovery.

Stretching and strengthening exercises are effective no matter the age or physical condition of the patient. An individual care plan developed by their physiotherapist can ease the strain and stress associated with moving, especially for individuals who rely on a cane, crutches, or any other assistive device.

Athletes at every level face the risk of injuring themselves. Stress fractures, torn muscles, strained tendons; physical therapists rely on their knowledge of the body to create an appropriate recovery or prevention exercise programs to help enable their patients a speedy return to their respective sports.

A patient is often screened for fall risk when he or she begins physiotherapy. A physical therapist will guide them through exercises that challenge their balance safely if they are at high risk. Incorporating an assistive device into walking exercises may help improve coordination.

In addition to reducing pain after surgery, physiotherapy improves the strength and robustness of the body. In weak muscles, movements against gravity alone are strenuous. In order to improve the muscle strength of a particular body part, professional physiotherapists know which areas of the body must be worked on. Different coordination and balance exercises can help people perform certain tasks, and physiotherapists perform specific tests to determine the strength of motor development. The goal of the exercise is to improve coordination by repeating a meaningful movement that works more than one joint or muscle.

An integral part of physiotherapy consists of injury prevention, rehabilitation, holistic fitness, and long-term healing. At some point in time, every patient will experience a side effect of their medicine. In some conditions, medicines are sometimes prescribed to control or treat a patient's condition. In some cases, such as surgery, the patient is dependent on medicines to relieve their pain. To address this concern and reduce dependency and side effects caused by medicines, we recommend physiotherapy.

Growing old isn't always pleasant. Some complications come along with it that affect daily life. In addition to Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Dementia, Neck pain, Back pain, and Knee replacements, there are many others. Physiotherapy is capable of controlling and managing all these conditions. If you or any of your loved ones are facing old age problems like these, we suggest you check our rehabilitation clinic at Alexandra Rd, Singapore.

Mental health is the most crucial of all the incredible benefits of physiotherapy. We're not just talking about 'feeling well and being healthy.' We recognise that mental health encompasses much more. At TSquared Lab Physiotherapy, we recognise and promote the importance of feeling good in your body not just for daily tasks, but also for boosting your confidence in whatever you do and everywhere you go. That is why we exist: to assist you in realising your full potential.

Road map to recovery

Each client is unique to us.
There is only one of you! We’ll build your treatment plan around you and your goals.


Our therapists will go in depth to understand the issues you are facing and ensure that we address any question you may have and explain how we will approach your issues.


You will receive a customised Physiotherapy Plan that is suited to your individual needs. We'll assess your physical health and develop a treatment plan that incorporates everything from exercise-based therapy to manual therapy to technology-based treatments.


You'll leave feeling great, with our personalised treatments for your journey with us. Get the right mix of treatments to soothe away all your aches and pains leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Physiotherapy FAQs

Physiotherapy is a science-based practice that tries to assess, customize a plan, and treat movement-related issues that are sometimes (but not always) linked to injury, sickness, pain, or surgery. Physiotherapy is a comprehensive treatment that tries to identify and treat the underlying cause of pain and stiffness, as well as enhance movement and overall health and well-being.

At TSquared Lab, we believe that using exercise therapy and education to enable patients to take responsibility for their health and rehabilitation is a vital pillar. Movement, sleep, nutrition, mindset, and rest are all aspects that may affect your recovery.

Please be assured that our physiotherapist has extensive training & experience, and can effectively treat a wide range of musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. Our physiotherapist specialises in certain ailments or therapies, which may be beneficial.

A full and detailed history of your condition will be taken during your initial appointment. The movement, flexibility, strength, and integrity of your joints and muscles will all be examined. This will necessitate movement and possibly the completion of workouts. Because your therapist may need to see the area up close, wearing appropriate clothing (shorts or a blouse with short sleeves, for example) is recommended.

Following your visit, our physiotherapist will be able to explain what is causing your current situation and lay out a treatment plan to help you achieve your objectives.

Physiotherapists are experts in movement and exercise. They deal with a wide range of muscle, joints, tendons, and ligament issues. A physiotherapist can help if you have discomfort or movement restrictions in one of these bodily locations. They are also effectively educated to check for any pathology or disease that may necessitate referral to a doctor or other specialist for additional testing and diagnostics as first-contact practitioners.

We have the pleasure of working alongside other rehabilitation therapist as an integrated Recovery, Health, and Fitness Ecosystem.

At first, a 45 to 60-minute consultation with our therapist is scheduled to discuss the best visit length for your specific issue and treatment plan. The duration of the session typically lasts 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on the consultation and treatment plan devised.

No. This isn't necessary. If a scan or additional tests are required, our physiotherapist will inform you and explain what may change as a result of the test.

The cost of physiotherapy is frequently recovered from your health insurance's outpatient physiotherapy or post-inpatient rehabilitation benefit. Because terms and conditions differ greatly between insurers and types of insurance, you should check with your insurer directly for exact coverage and limit details. We will provide you with an invoice/receipt that you can use to submit a reimbursement claim.

This is determined by a number of factors, including the nature of your injury and any accompanying difficulties, your current healing stage, previous therapy, and your own health status and treatment plan. Following our physiotherapist has a strong grasp of you, your ailment, and how your body is responding to therapy, they can map out an optimal treatment regimen customised just for you.


Our highly experienced team of therapists with a unique multi disciplined, revolutionary approach, to your body.

Nifail Zainal - Senior physiotherapist


Senior physiotherapist

Nadzri - Senior Sports therapist, Rehab Therapy & Sports Massage


Senior Sports Therapist

Silvester Ong - Senior Sports Therapist, Clinical Massage, starts 1 Sept


Senior Sports Therapist

James Ho, Senior Sports Therapist

James Ho

Senior Sports Therapist

Joash Boh, Athletic Therapist

Joash Boh

Athletic Therapist

Michelle, Senior Physiotherapist


Senior Physiotherapist


Listen to their personal stories.

There is only one goal in mind for us: getting you the results you desire.

It is extremely important to us that you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible, and acquire the necessary knowledge to continue marching on in your transformation journey. And with so many success stories, we know you can do it! If you don’t believe us, hear what our clients have to say.

our review

Gayoung Jang

After trying various physiotherapists, I found Michelle at TSquared Physiotherapy, a gem close by. Her expert care has significantly alleviated my shoulder, neck, and back issues, allowing me to engage in exercises I couldn't before. I'm deeply thankful for her professional and compassionate approach, making each session both healing and uplifting. I highly recommend Michelle for anyone seeking effective physiotherapy.

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Eric Low

Delighted to share that after just two weekly sessions with my physiotherapist Michelle. I have regained much strength in my leg and the pain in my knee due to cartilage wear has improved tremendously. Her spot-on diagnosis and treatment as well as her professionalism and effective communication have made a significant difference in my recovery journey. I feel confident and motivated knowing I'm in such capable hands.

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Jiunhong Lim

I received treatment from senior physiotherapist Michelle at TSquared Physiotherapy. She helped alleviate various bodily pains and aches that were a result of my increased workouts. Michelle correctly identified my areas of weakness and taught me stretches and strength training exercises. She taught me how weaker muscles may be supported by compensation, the importance of strengthening exercises, and correct workout posture. She also helped craft a get-better plan which I now follow. I already feel much better than I did at the beginning of my journey! Her emphatic approach creates a safe space to share, and her dry-needling technique helped alleviate years of discomfort (stiff muscles no more!).

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Shameer Bismilla

I recently had the privilege of receiving physiotherapy from Nazri, and I must say it was an exceptional experience. From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I was greeted with a warm and friendly smile, instantly putting me at ease. Nazri's expertise and professionalism were evident throughout our sessions. He took the time to listen attentively to my concerns and thoroughly assessed my condition. His knowledge and understanding of the human body impressed me, as he explained the root causes of my shoulder and neck issues in a way that was easy to comprehend. The treatment sessions with Nazri were nothing short of transformative. His gentle yet effective techniques targeted the specific areas of discomfort, providing immediate relief. I could feel the tension in my shoulders and neck melting away with each session, and the improvement in my mobility was remarkable. Not only did Nazri provide excellent hands-on therapy, but he also equipped me with valuable exercises and stretches to continue my progress at home. His personalized approach and attention to detail ensured that I was well-informed and empowered to take control of my own healing journey. Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Nazri. His passion for his work, combined with his compassionate nature, created a safe and supportive environment for my rehabilitation. Thanks to his expertise, I now feel great, with my shoulders and neck significantly improved. I would highly recommend Nazri to anyone in need of physiotherapy. He is a true professional who goes above and beyond to help his patients achieve their goals. Thank you, Nazri, for your exceptional care and for making a positive impact on my well-being.

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Eric Low

Delighted to share that after just two weekly sessions with my physiotherapist Michelle. I have regained much strength in my leg and the pain in my knee due to cartilage wear has improved tremendously. Her spot-on diagnosis and treatment as well as her professionalism and effective communication have made a significant difference in my recovery journey. I feel confident and motivated knowing I'm in such capable hands.

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Gaurav Gupta

Had couple of sessions with the new physio Michelle. I recommend Michelle as a physio because she is experienced and does understand the anatomy and related problems and perform a detailed evaluation.

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Efficient check in, I saw Michelle the senior physio. She asked the right questions and then worked with my injury to reduce the pain with rehab. I will certainly come back and continue treatment with her. Looking forward to the new TSquared centre opening for Physio at Raffles place as well which is more convenient for me.

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Leandro Silva

Nifail provided outstanding physiotherapy sessions and solved all the issues I had for years in my Neck, Shoulder & Ankles. Thanks Nifail for your great work!

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Leandro Silva

I was introduced to Nifail after I injured myself during one of my runs My inner right knee was in pain weeks after the run but I do not know what triggered the pain Anyway, The sessions with him were good
He was professional and knowledgeable in his trade
He recommended some exercise for me to work on to reduce the pain
After the first few sessions, the pain was indeed much better
Thank you Nifail.

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Leong SM

I was introduced to Nifail after I injured myself during one of my runs My inner right knee was in pain weeks after the run but I do not know what triggered the pain Anyway, The sessions with him were good
He was professional and knowledgeable in his trade
He recommended some exercise for me to work on to reduce the pain
After the first few sessions, the pain was indeed much better
Thank you Nifail.

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Yusman Seth

Had a great sport massage session by Nadzri. He is knowledgeable and shared with me some tips for stretching. Went the extra mile in answering my queries with his expertise and experience. Would recommend others for his sport massage sessions. 💪💪💪

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Sabrina Luk

Nadzri is a very professional sports therapist. His treatments help me improve my range of motion and flexibility. He teaches me some rehab exercises to strengthen my body and protect my body from injuries. He is also a very good listener. Thanks a lot, Nadzri!

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Liah Golfo

Joash Boh is a great Athletic Therapist. He is knowledgeable and professional in treating my shoulder and hip pain, explaining the cause of the pain, and giving me home exercises I can do to improve my condition! I went to him with very painful and stiff shoulders, losing sleep cause of the throbbing pain. After 1 session, I felt wayyy sooo much better. After 2 sessions, I am able to function well and was able to get back to my normal day routines. Truly a great help! Will definitely recommend him to my family and friends.

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Zahid Mazani

Nadzir is very knowledgable on the critical parts of pressure points. Helped me resolved with my constant back pain. Highly recommend! Thanks buddy💪

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Ethan Phang

As someone who has visited various physiotherapists and sports therapists over the years, I must say that James Ho at TSquared Physio truly stands out as one of the best in the field. From the moment I entered the clinic, the welcoming and professional atmosphere put me at ease and reassured me that I was in good hands. James Ho took the time to conduct a thorough assessment of my condition, asking insightful questions and genuinely listening to my concerns. He was able to accurately diagnose the root cause of my pain and provided a clear and comprehensive treatment plan tailored to my specific needs. During our sessions, James Ho demonstrated a wealth of knowledge and experience, utilising various techniques and exercises to alleviate my discomfort. He was consistently attentive to my progress, adjusting the treatment plan as needed and ensuring that I fully understood each step along the way. In addition to his exceptional clinical skills, James Ho possesses a warm and empathetic demeanor, making me feel comfortable and well-supported throughout my recovery journey. The entire staff at TSquared Physio was consistently friendly, accommodating, and efficient, making each visit a positive experience. I am thrilled to say that my condition has improved significantly, thanks to James Ho's expertise and dedication. I wholeheartedly recommend TSquared Lab to anyone in need of top-quality physiotherapy services. With James Ho and their team, you can trust that you'll be on the path to recovery in no time!

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Muhammad Izdiharuddin Teriman

Very knowledgeable and assured with the therapy given will help..

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Swapna Naik

Very knowledgeable and assured with the therapy given will help..

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Muhd Nur Alimin

Came across this place through a close friend.. I decided to try out a 1hr physical therapy session. It was worth it as after the session my body feel more relaxed. I would definately come for more sessions in the future.

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Tiago Alves

Had an amazing assisted stretch session followed by a cupping treatment. Really recommend it!!!

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Ho Song Ee

I get personalised recovery session with Naim each time I go down TSquared Lab. He will help me to relief my soreness from running and gym sessions.

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Syuq Squqairi

Had a great stretching session and my body feel better after that. A much needed stretching after going through physical activities for the past few months. Recommended to stretch with Nadzri the stretching therapist! Will definitely go again!

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Naya Nandargi

These folks are very unique to say who believe in a revolution in Singapore's fitness. What's special is the culture of each trainer, stretching expert here working cohesively about you as a person. To understand what your mind and body needs - the right amount of motivation, challenge, calm chats, listening ear, data and metrics about workout, food, etc. It is a sensually elevating experience at Total Transform. A must try is the stretching and cupping professional Naz, totally destressing. Chat with Afsan. Haikal's and Henry's training sessions!

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Puts In Buts

Excellent stretch! Therapist provided with in-depth explanation on every exercise or stretch made. Very knowledgeable and he targets areas where i feel strain and tension. My whole body feel quite relieved and relaxed after just 1 session! Highly recommended to anyone that needs a good stretch or on route to recovery!

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WS Tay

Nadzri does my recovery sessions and he pays attention to my needs and helps to fix my issues in the best way possible.

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Kim Huang

Nadzri works on releasing the tension and stiffness of the muscle by assisted stretching, massaging, and cupping. What really sets TSquared Lab apart from the other gym is the holistic approach with full services - training, meal plan, stretching - in one shop. If you're looking for personalized experience for your mind/body transformation, this is the place for you.

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Peishing NG

Physiotherapist Nadz is very knowledgeable & experienced too! Always have a good stretch after training.

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Richard Sheng

Nadz is amazing! Recovery therapy and stretching works and a must for all the athletes in any kind of workout or training that push yourself to the limit. First encounter with Nadz, he fixed my long term lower back soreness and pain, ankle problem and swelling. Within the 90 mins session he realized that my psoas muscles were very tight and I wasn’t using my glutes. Walked away from that session with not only exercises that I can do at home but also pain free in my lower back! Today was my second session with Nadz, after a full week of workouts with Dimi, head trainer here, and several long distance bike rides. When I came in with tight quads, hamstring, backs and arm, I entire body was about to shutdown. 90 minutes later, I’ve never been fresher, and feel like I can hit the gym now! Thanks Nadz!!!!

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Vanessa Manichon

I've been suffering from a chronic back and shoulder pain for the last twenty years and have been trying to treat it with almost everything (massages, acupuncture, gua sha, Dr Stretch, etc.). After these treatments, I usually get a "feel good feeling" for a short while, then the pain returns back full swing... I was recommended to T2 Lab's physical therapy and did my first session with Nadzri on Oct 2021.

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