Shaikh Aswad’ Journey - Dropped 9% body fat & gained muscle

Body fat dropped to 9%, gained a few pounds of muscle, and developed abs all in just 5 months.

Shaikh Aswad’s Tranformation Journey
“Changing Lifestyle was worth it, as it makes me feel confident, fitter and healthier”

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What is your name, age and profession?

Hi, I am Shaikh Aswad and I am 35-year-old this year. I work as a Building Maintenance at Paragon.

What made you sign up at TSquared Lab?

My friend referred Danial to me and that’s how I signed up.

Why did you need a personal trainer?

I wanted to transform my body. Earlier I was not lean, but after meeting and training with Danial my body has taken good shape.

Shaikh have lost 9% body fat and gained a few pounds of muscle and now he has abs which he love the most.
“I have lost 9% body fat and gained a few pounds of muscle and now I have abs which I love the most.”

How much weight and body fat have you lost?

I have dropped 9% body fat and gained a few pounds of muscle.

Are you happy with your transformation?

Yes, of course because earlier, I didn’t have abs, now I do.

What was the main reason to join TSquared Lab?

The main reason was that I wanted to lose my body fat and become lean as well and build more muscle.

Trainer Daniel helped Shaikh lose body fat making him look leaner
Daniel helped me lose my body fat making me look leaner.

What is your biggest achievement?

I feel fitter and healthier and I love my abs.

What was your main challenge before joining TSquared Lab?

My main struggle was cutting my food intake and sticking to a workout schedule.

What is it like to make a change to your lifestyle?

It was definitely worth making a change to my lifestyle. I am more confident, fitter and healthier and have more energy to last through the day.

With the knowledge I have learned in the past few months; I will continue to keep my body according to my dream
“With the knowledge I have learned in the past few months; I will continue to keep my body according to my dream”

What do you think about your coach?

Danial is friendly, he is always motivating. He started off with observing my body and started giving tips on how to improve my workout regime, then he introduced some work outs which I can follow every month and workout with increased intensity. He also shared a diet plan. I also want to thank Danial for his patience and encouraging me throughout my journey. Through his guidance I have seen drastic changes in my body progress. With the knowledge I learned in the past few months; I will continue to keep my body according to my dream.

Any word for TSquared Lab and the team?

TSquared Lab Team has been a helpful bunch. They are motivating and always giving me the encouragement I needed to achieve my goal through this journey.


1. Shaikh educated himself:

Shaikh knew the result he wanted. But he did not know how to achieve it. Danial’s role was not only restricted to being a personal trainer, but he went further being his coach and teaching him the importance of clean eating and sticking to a fitness regime.

2. Shaikh was consistent:

Results of a consistent fitness regime are always rewarding. And that worked the same way for Shaikh too. His fitness routine was in place, Danial had given him a schedule that was easy to follow, and Danial was always there to help him with any questions and doubts. Shaikh ensured that he followed instructions that led his body to transform into the version he envisioned.

3. Shaikh had support from his Personal Trainer:

Danial acted as a great support system throughout Shaikh’s body transformation journey. Danial was encouraging and motivating at every stage of his journey. He gave Shaikh tips whenever necessary to make things easier and learning fun for him.

4. Shaikh had a clear goal in his head:

Shaikh’s vision about his fitness was clear, and when he came to TSquared Lab, it was easy for Danial to map a transformation plan for him. Danial observed Shaikh for a few days; to understand his routine. Soon Shaikh adapted to his new schedule, which was healthier than his lifestyle before joining TSquared Lab.

5. Shaikh was adaptable and had a positive attitude:

Only clear vision of the goal is not enough. Transformation demands change. Change comes from adaptable nature. Shaikh’s adapted to change Danial made to his lifestyle and food habits. His adaptability was clubbed with positivity that made transformation a fun journey for both Shaikh and Danial.

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