Umar's Transforamtion - Lost 6% body fat while keeping the weight same

I noticed there was a plateau in my training and also in my body fat percentage, but throughout the weeks, the difference personal training at TSquared Lab made is really startling.

Umar's Body Transforamtion Journeys
“We went through not the traditional training, we did have a bulking phase, we focused on strength as I said we were pretty clear about the goals.”

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What is your name, age and profession?

Hi, my name is Umar. I am 34 this year and I work in the healthcare industry.

How long have you been with TSquared Lab and how much weight have you lost?

I have trained with Coach Danial for the past eight months at TSquared Lab and have lost about 6% body fat and although my weight remains the same, there has been an increase in my muscle mass, in this whole body recomposition process.

Umar has learnt how to train safely and properly, how to recover, and got educated about his nutrition
“I think the biggest achievement from past eight months is really the knowledge I got from Danial in terms of how to train safely and properly, how to recover, and education about my nutrition”

What made you join TSquared Lab?

I joined TSquared Lab, to be honest with you I didn’t really join TSquared Lab I actually looked for Coach Danial. Specifically, him, and then he told me that he is at TSquared Lab and the reason why I joined is because, I was training on my own previously, but I noticed there was a plateau in my training and also in my body fat percentage. So, I thought by seeking Danial out I would get professional coaching from him and also, he was in preparation for my Mr. World Competition, where I joined, and I ended up as one of the finalists. So, I thought this would be a good time to maybe get both the ideals together, to go through this pageant and also to have a total body recomposition.

So, in these eight months of training, what are the most changes you have seen, what has been the best accomplishment so far, ever since you joined, is it weight loss, better image, better body image, better physique what is the biggest change here and achievement?

I think the biggest achievement from these eight months is really the knowledge I got from Danial in terms of how to train safely and train properly, how to recover properly, aside from that I think he has been really awesome in educating me about my nutrition. How to eat proper food and how to really take care of my recovery process. Except for that; all the knowledge I have gained from him so far it really helped me in being better in the gym, being more focused in a gym and also throughout this journey I have really seen more definitions of my body and I also been thankful to him for really giving me sound advice. I mean Danial is available 24/7, whenever I text him, I think whenever he sees my message, he will respond to me and then he will really correct me in all the different things that I sought him out for. So, these other things and the biggest take away I have gotten throughout these eight months, and I think without this help from him, I would still be the same person I was eight months ago, training not in the best way and also, he thinks things that I think is detrimental to the body I am seeking for.

Umar has lost 6% body fat and there has been an increase in his muscle mass
“In past eight months at TSquared Lab I have lost about 6% body fat and although my weight remains the same, there has been an increase in my muscle mass, in this whole body recomposition process”

So how are the both of you as trainer and trainee?

I mean honestly, I train with Danial once a week here, given my hectic schedule, so during this session I have with him is totally in a much contrast compared to the own sessions that I have in my own gym. I can really feel in this short one hour session with him it is really intense gruelling yet at the same time, it is something that I look forward to because I know this one hour session with him will always be beneficial for me, will always be intense, will always be extremely tiring but yet this other things that I put myself through because it is really good for me and I learn a lot from him.

So how did you like making the changes to the training, from eight months ago to now, is it very hard, are there any difficulties you experienced? How was the experience of changing your nutrition and training overall?

For sure at this time there was a bit initially, I am thinking, this can’t be right, I can’t be thinking this intensely all the time, I mean your body is not supposed to break down like this all the time. So whenever I watched Danial this time, I was like this shouldn’t be the case like, this is really tiring, are you sure people put themselves through this PT, because there is my first time having PT and all that so, but of course you perceiver, you us ok, I think Dan is a professional in what he is doing and all, So u just stick with it. And throughout the weeks and the months, went by, the difference is really startling you know. You really see the change you feel better, you sleep better, and you realize that there really is lot of knowledge on Danial’s part and because of what I see, because of what my friends and family see also, this made me want to come down each time and the drive here of course to my place isn’t very near but is something I look to because I know I would benefit after each session with Danial.

I have trained with Coach Danial for the past eight months at TSquared Lab and have lost about 6% body fat and although my weight remains the same, there has been an increase in my muscle mass, in this whole body recomposition process.

Umar showing off his transformation with trainer Daniel
“You really see the change, you feel better, you sleep better, and you realize that you really have received a lot of knowledge from Danial and your friends and family are seeing the evident change in yourself.”

In three months of training, how soon do you see the changes in your body, was it in the first two months, first three months, first few weeks?

I have kids, so one of the challenges for me is the sleep, because there always, there will always be nights where I have irregular sleep and all that. But of course, Danial also mentioned this part that sleep was really important, so this was one of the changes I made. So, I think it took about eight weeks for me, eight weeks for me to actually see the initial results. Of course, you know that you cannot judge your own body, right? Because you see your body everyday so the slight differences you can’t really tell. It was only when I get comments from my family and friends saying, ae Umar are you working out now, I say no actually I have been working out for the longest time, just that now I am working out with a professional trainer and because of that there is more obvious and significant changes to my body.

How is Danial as a trainer?

Ok, of course you know, Danial struck as a professional you know, keeps things professional, the knowledge and education advice he gave me, but as time went by I think Danial’s personality is such that he makes, his trainees feel welcome, so he is very open and warm, so I think as time went by there’s a rapport between us and, I think, of course the session, the one hour session still remains the same because Danial being the professional he is, he wants me to come here on time right, but at the same time, he is very open to comments thoughts, he is very open with me sharing my life stories if you may know, so coming to session anymore is no longer a concern. I am with my coach, it’s like I am with my friend but at the same time there are boundaries that we don’t cross because training at the end of the day has to be professional. So, he maintains his professional outlook very well, yeah at the same time he opens up himself to build rapport with his clients. So, I think I am the beneficiary of his personality, he is warm, kind, and a very genuine personality.

What are your goals for the next few months?

I am 34 this year and I am a father of three kids, so, it is really about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, because I want to be a role model to my kids, I do not want them to lead a sedentary lifestyle and knowing that Singapore has a obesity issue right now, so with all the knowledge I received from Danial, all the knowledge on nutrition and training, this is where I think it will be useful for me to impart these values to my children as well growing up. Of course, I will try my very best to maintain or even better my current status right now in terms of health, but it is really because of the knowledge I got from Danial the past eight months that enables me to do all this in future.

Would you recommend TSquared Lab gym and trainers to your friends and family members?

I will definitely recommend people who like to seek professional help in terms of getting their ideal body fitness and goals. Yes, I would say that TSquared Lab is convenient because there is one located in west and one located in town, but even for those people who don’t drive, I will tell you that I is actually worth the travel here, because the trainers and especially Danial has really made significant impact on my fitness goals, so yes I will recommend TSquared Lab and its trainers to all my family and friends and anybody else.


1. Umar educated himself:

Umar’s limitation was his busy schedule, which allowed him to train at the facility once a week. Therefore, it was crucial that he learnt as much as he could from Danial and continue training himself from home. Danial’s major take-away was the importance of sleep and learning about the results lack of sleep can cause on his health. It is also critical for himself to get into a healthy lifestyle as his goal was to become a role model for his children. Learning about healthy life and clean eating is something he aimed to pass on to his children and get them into the habit of a healthy lifestyle.

2. Umar was consistent:

Even though Umar trained only once a week, he absorbed himself 100% in the one-hour training with Danial. Umar has been a finalist in Mr. World Competition; therefore, he was completely knowledgeable on the correlation of consistency and results. Consistency came in naturally when he started training with Danial at TSquared Lab.

3. Umar had support from his Personal Trainer:

Umar had known Danial many years before he joined TSquared Lab. So, they were comfortable with each other’s style of training and had communication comfort with one another. Umar’s busy schedule gave him very little time to clear any doubts he had. At the same time, Danial’s availability 24/7 to answer Umar’s questions, supporting Umar on levels one cannot imagine. Personal Training is a partnership concept and Umar, and Danial are the perfect example of a perfect partnership.

4. Umar was determined towards his goal:

Busy schedule or hitting the plateau couldn’t keep Umar away from his real goal of transformation. In his mind Umar was very clear about how he wants to look in future. To get where he wanted to be, he made alterations to his current lifestyle, he pushed himself towards gruelling training sessions, he got into the clean eating habit. All these displayed his dedication and determination towards his goal.

5. Umar was keen to find solutions:

While training all by himself Umar had hit the plateau and was not going in any direction from there. At a stage like that, “discontinuation” and “giving up” are the easiest steps ahead. But Umar’s dedication converted the thought of “discontinuation” to “resolution.” He knew a professional intervention would prove to be a good decision and he looked for Danial and the rest is history.

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