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Why us?

A bespoke, luxury personifying personalized training and fitness ecosystem. Founded on deep research and anatomical science ‘A’ Level clique of trainers


9000 sq. ft. fitness ecosystem, designed to give you a focused and holistic experience. Two floors of facility that houses state of the art equipment, group training arenas, recovery sanctuaries, and Yoga & meditation retreats for complete mind-body harmony.

The best of experts in the industry

Our personal trainers, chefs, recovery therapists and yoga & meditation teachers are some of the best in the industry. We recruit experts who are specialists. They are highly experienced and professionally certified. Some have coached elite athletes and sports teams before. They bring to the table different specialties. And, they never stop learning and developing themselves.

Afshan Thakkar



Head train.transform


Head eat.transform


Head mind.transform

Hong Wei

Senior Personal Trainer


Stretch Therapist


Senior Personal Trainer

Harmen Potgieter

General Manager



Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer

Danial Azman

Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer


Recovery Therapist

Delivering Total Transformation

5 unique phases that map out your personalized journey. A journey that foresees the challenges, prepares you for it and enables you to reach a definite goal. A journey that culminates into sustainable transformation.

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We believe that what you consume as energy, as food is a quintessential element of transformation and hence we provide a perspective change and a holistic nutrition plan for your journey. Macros, short for macronutrients, are the building blocks of nutrition for your body, namely carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Macros are a scientific and sustainable way to measure nutrition and help you lose weight. It is better, healthier, and easier to stick to than any of the crash diets on the market. From meal plans to meal delivery we have it all.

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Recovery and rehabilitation of muscles and joint functions are crucial for your transformation. That is why we aim to provide a one-stop shop to meet your training and recovery needs. Our two-storey facility consists of a well-equipped gym on the first floor, and a physiotherapy center on the second floor.

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While some look at yoga as physical exercise, it is more than that. When you fully accept your body and mind during practice, you enter a dimension of yoga that allows you to perceive life in that moment. We induce a Mind-Body harmony through well thought Yoga and meditation programs.

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At Total Transformation Lab, your transformation is our passion. We are a commitment driven organization that believes in enabling its clients to achieve sustainable results, a transformation that isn’t a fad but a way of life. We approach fitness and your journey holistically. A 360 degree approach where right from your physical training, nutrition, recovery and mind are addressed.

We are founded on science, run on passion and deliver transformation.