Yen's Body Transformation - Visible results in Just 8 weeks

Weight loss from 75.6 kg to 58.6 kg in 10 months made me look good and feel more confident than ever.

Yen's Body Transformation Journey
"As I progressed weekly, Darren tweaked my workouts and meal plan to suit my weight loss goal."

Read Yen's Transformation Journey

What is your name, age, and profession?

Hi, my name is Yen. I am 42 this year. I am from FMCG.

What made you sign up for TSquared Lab?

I wanted to find an efficient and effective way for my weight loss journey. That’s when I chanced upon TSquared Lab and, I decided to give it a try.

How much weight and body fat have you lost through this program?

Before I started with TSquared Lab, I was 75.6 Kg. My body fat was about 36.8%. Within 10 months of training, I lost 17% of body fat and 17 Kg of body weight.

I trust my trainer. He gave me a training program that helped me achieve my weight loss goals.
“I trust my trainer. He gave me a training program that helped me achieve my weight loss goals. ”

How do you feel about your body after your weight loss?

I feel more energized; I feel more confident. I look better in terms of my physical attribute.

What do you think of Darren as your trainer?

I am glad I can train with Darren; he has been an amazing trainer. I trust him. He worked out my working routine. He has been checking on my meals and giving me advice; on my diet. And as I progressed every week, he made changes to my workout to suit my weight loss journey. And the good thing is that with TSquared Lab, I could track all my training and progress.

Yen liked the positive changes weight loss brought her and wanted to continue feeling the same.
"I feel more energized; I feel more confident."

How is the training environment at TSquared Lab?

TSquared Lab has very positive energy. It is a very supportive community. The moment I step here, I feel comfortable that; I can focus on my training.

Any last comments for your journey so far?

First things first, you need to be committed to your fitness goal. You need to stay consistent, and of course you need a good coach: a good mentor. As I keep saying, Darren has been very helpful, and dedicated to each of my workout. This is my key takeaway from TSquared Lab.


1. Yen had a clear goal:

From the beginning, Yen was clear about her fitness goal and the training program she wanted. Her discussion regarding her expectations helped create a training program which was most suitable for her.

2. Yen was dedicated to achieve results:

Yen wanted to lose weight, and knew her dedication will get her close to the goal. She was so dedicated towards her fitness goal; that she never missed any sessions.

3. Yen was flexible towards her training program:

With the noticeable changes in Yen’s body from week to week, it was necessary to make changes in terms of endurance level to the training program. Yen adapted well to all the changes Darren made to her training program.

4. Yen trusted her trainer’s process:

Seeing positive changes in her body deepened her trust in Darren and the weight loss process. She knew Darren’s advice would help her achieve her goal most effectively and efficiently.

5. Yen was enjoying the change:

Yen’s weight loss was making her look better in terms of physical attributes. Along with that, she felt more confident day by day. She liked the positive changes weight loss brought her and wanted to continue feeling the same.

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