Zermatt's Body Transformation - Visible results in Just 8 weeks

My Personal Trainer aimed at sculpting specific muscle parts, by breaking it into three different focus areas and worked towards it. In just less than 8 weeks I could really see changes.

Zermatt's Body Transformation Results in 8 weeks
“Training at TSquared Lab is like going through an institution, where you get to learn, you get to train, you see your body develop, at the same time focus on safety.”

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Can you share your name and profession?

Hi, I am Zermatt and I am a Content Creator.

You are, as people call you a competitive eater, so could you tell us what does Competitive Eater mean?

So, I am actually a content creator, as well as a competitive eater, so I do a whole bunch of eating challenges, take food challenges, pretty much I eat a lot in one sitting. So that is what competitive eating is and that is what I do for a living.

Personal Trainer prescribed Zermatt exercises targetting specific muscles to achieve faster results Personal Trainer prescribed Zermatt exercises targetting specific muscles to achieve faster results
“Some part of my body really lacking, especially my back. So, that’s why I came here and my trainer prescribed me a whole bunch of exercises and it really helped.”

How do you keep yourself this fit and have six packs while being a competitive eater?

I get this question a lot. So, it is not really some secret, or I pop some magic pill or anything. It’s really a lot of balancing to do. So, I do a bunch of heavy dieting in between my shoots. I film about two videos a week, so in between the shoots I will be dieting, I will be doing intermittent fasting, 20 hours fasting and 4 hours eating. So, I prep my meals, I count my macros, it’s been so many years since I started doing this, so I'm very used to this lifestyle and all. And then I work out a lot, like I just come here and some days I work out here, I am very active in general. So, pretty much my workout revolves around a bunch of compound exercises, squats, deadlift, bench press and then on top of the compounds I do a whole bunch of other exercises, other chest presses, chest flies. But apparently it is too lacking. Like when I first consulted my trainer, my back is lacking, so that’s why he prescribed me a whole bunch of exercise to improve my physique and I really see the change.

How was the training here at TSquared Lab?

The training here at TSquared Lab is very different from my typical workout, because of the fact that my trainer doesn’t give any sort of compound exercises. It’s really very very specifically trying to sculpt the specific muscle part. Like he broke my chest into three different parts to train. So, with that I get to do a whole bunch of exercise, I am not even familiar with. And it results in a lot of specific parts that’s really growing. I can really see the results before and after training with him. In just less than 8 weeks I could really see changes.

Zermatt had support from his Personal Trainer at TSquared Lab Zermatt had support from his Personal Trainer at TSquared Lab
The equipment at TSquared Lab is pretty good. They keep ordering more equipment to make sure that the trainers have what they need.

How is it training with your Coach, what is the relationship like?

I have known my Coach from 7-8 years really, so one thing I like about this guy is, the way he gives you the que is very clear. You feel a lot of affirmation while training with him. When you train with a specific trainer, the trainer needs to know what he is doing. So, while training with him, I really learnt a bunch of stuff. It’s like going through an institution, where you get to learn, you get to train, you see your body develop, but also at the same time, he focuses a lot on safe training as well.

When there is something wrong with my form, he will immediately step in and fix it. And not just that he will give you a whole bunch of exercise and ask you to just follow through. He will explain and go in depth and educate me on the different exercises and what they do, like where is the insertion, what are different muscle fibers and all. I see him more as a coach than a trainer.

What is the ambience here like?

At TSquared Lab, when I step in, it is a very cosy, homey feel, especially the sitting area. So, after workout I sit there and drink water and do some of my stuff. Sometimes I do my zoom calls here as well because of the fact that it feels very cosy. That is one thing. Second, the equipment is pretty good as well. They kept ordering more equipment to make sure that the trainers had what they needed. And ultimately, I will say the reason why I chose to train at TSquared Lab is because of the trainer. It is because of the trainer I got drawn here. Their trainers really know what they are doing. Due to that my family is training here too.


1. Zermatt educated himself:

Zermatt’s profession as a Content Creator as well as Competitive Eater expects him to pay extra attention towards his health. Before coming to TSquared Lab he was taking care of the eating habit, by fasting intermittently and eating for about four hours. But when he started working with the trainer, he started working on sculpting his body. That was something new he was learning.

2. Zermatt was consistent:

Competitive eating was an ongoing thing. Zermatt’s shoots were lined up, therefore, if he was not consistent, he’d be out of shape, which is not very beneficial to a content creator. And that was how Zermatt was consistent towards his training schedule.

3. Zermatt had support from his Personal Trainer:

Zermatt was training on his own before joining TSquared Lab. With the intermittent dieting he was into compound exercises like squats, deadlift, bench press, chest presses and chest flies. However, there was something lacking in his back. When he joined TSquared Lab his trainer worked in different patterns but paying close attention to particular muscle types. This style of workout filled the gap between what was lacking in his back to improved physique.

4. Zermatt was aware of how competitive eating would affect him if he didn't train himself:

Zermatt’s realisation about his health being affected due to his profession was good enough of motivation for him to keep going. The only lacking part in this was knowing the right thing to do. He needed professional guidance to further improve his physique. Zermatt’s trainer understood this part of the goal and instead of following the conventional training, he went into the sculpting mode.

5. Zermatt was fond of the TSquared Lab facility:

The facility gave him a homely and cosy feeling, which made him come regularly for training. The state-of-the-art equipment, which were enough to train a couple of clients all at the same time, gave him assurance that unlike other facilities at TSquared Lab he won’t have to wait for his turn to use the equipment. And the A-team of trainers at the facility, who knew exactly what they were doing. Their training programs and nutrition plans were to the point and delivered desired results for the clients.

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